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rock and roll emote... hmmmm...

we need a new animal bot, like a frog! Or maybe velociraptors. Or especially a rhino.

Yeah. That sounds awesome not going to lie!

How about a caltrop dropping bot?

25 days ago, eh? Time flies.

Will you ever have bots that will revive others and has a staff that slows you down?

I got one more. Digger bots! They are hunched over in appearance but can dig into the ground and jump kick you when you least expect it.

thanks, Gold. I try :)

one more: illusion robot

You forgot a robot that could revive other robots and has a electric staff thing


me not understand your argument. Please respond when I’m not pissed off.

I want to ask the devs if they can add in axes as a different melee of sorts that way to make it feel more medieval, then we can have an axe. Also, can you add in a black bot that is mk.5 compared to the others? Or an ice variation?

cold blooded raptor: will freeze the character this will not only immobilize him/her but will chip off little parts of the character making them stumble a bit.

these robots can survive lava and wield flame hammers 

the shamen will resurrect bots and slow the player. Has decent range when hacked you can turn resurrected bots to fight for you you are more fragile though and can’t slow down jet pack bots