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Thanks for taking the time to send this report! I believe I have resolved this issue-- it was related to trying to dig dirt blocks with no item equipped in your hands (which is most likely to occur when the item breaks during use and your next swing is counted as an empty hand). I'm in the middle of updates at the moment, but hopefully it won't be too long before I update the build here and get this resolved for everyone. Thanks again for reaching out :)

I'm glad you like the demo! The full game isn't released yet. This is more of an early access type demo. I'm trying to keep it updated regularly as I add in new features tho, so it's always worth checking back here :)

Please use this thread to report any bugs found in Astrominer. Add as much detail for the repro steps as possible, and screenshots would be greatly appreciated (but not mandatory). Thanks!

lvlDown community · Created a new topic Bug Reports

Please report any bugs found in lvlDown in this thread (or in the Puddledock Discord). Add as much detail for the repro steps as possible (including browser used), and screenshots would be greatly appreciated.


lvlDown is a strategic adventure in which you must reach the deepest level of the world and defeat the final boss. Along the way you can gather followers that will grant you bonuses, as well as resources to craft items that will help in your journey.

This is an ongoing project, but as it stands the game can be played from start to finish. I'm interested in getting as much feedback as possible as I continue to develop lvlDown. This is my first HTML5 project. It was made in 2 months using GameMaker Studio 2. If anyone has any questions about the dev process as well, I'm happy to answer.