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This was cute it made me laugh. the notes where hilarious!

The ending was a such a spooky twist I loved it! really cute and spooky at the same time. :3

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Cool game the monster freaked me out lol 

Fun Game XD

Another fun game!

This was so fun and scary but for some reason on my pc it crashed at least 3 times :(

This was fun XD

Was very spooked lol

Had fun playing this XD

 the mannequins are so scary XD omg

pretty cool nice voice acting be interesting to see more puzzles

Loved this want to see a full game :D

this was actually so scary :D loved it!

Funny game :)

this game is so awesome! haha I hope i didnt already post this. Im so excited that there is a second game! 

Funny i loved it XD

spoopy XD

fun game over all :)

Id love to see more of this game!

part one so good!

This was just as fun as the first one XD haha 

really good id love to see this as full game. It was very spooky didnt see the ending coming haha

this was funny but hard XD

Best game of the year......

Dont eat the PIE!

I finally won haha

So many Jump scares lol

I can never beat these ones i get so spooked but its still fun to tryXD

Super fun to play and spooky lol

so fun but i couldnt win XD

This was fun haha

This game is honestly fun and spooky haha