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if you're concerned about security -- scan it with your antivirus, and disconnect your computer from the internet while playing.  none of the information *should* leave your computer.  Alternately, you can just put in a phony social security number, and edit it before you actually mail anything in.

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Any chance keys/doors could have a tiny number in one corner, or different numbers of stripes or something?  I'm not colorblind but I'm still having trouble with orange vs. red because I keep my monitor dim to avoid migraines.

Edit:  I just got to 1-8 and I wish you'd mentioned hovering keys/doors earlier, that solves my problem.  Still might be trouble if I couldn't see *any* key/door colors as I"d have to hover each one, but this is workable for me

it's intentional.  Even if you remap the "close an application" binding on linux, alt-f4 still closes this specific game.

keep going and you will get the jump upgrade