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Thanks Jupiter_Hadley for the Let's Play Jupi!
I truly appreciate it!!

SignificantJellybean was also kind enough to record one :) and in while doing so has been awarded the SignificantJellybean Achievement for solving two puzzles the way no one else would have thought :)

Twitter: @SignificantJellybean

Hello all!

Allow me to introduce you to my gorgeous and unique puzzle game: ORB.

ORB is a rather unique 2D single-player puzzle game in that it uses fast paced challenges as a reward for solving puzzles - which require thought and precise actions.

After Orb's home is destroyed, he finds himself trapped in an alternate Dimension called the Puzzleverse.
Here he must find the 12 fragmented pieces of the galaxy, and unite them in the centre. Once all pieces are united,
the gate to Ophicius will open, and will reveal Orb's hardest puzzles and challenges yet.

ORB is now one Greenlight, and any and all support from the community would be awesome and truly appreciated! :)
As a solo developer passing Greenlight the way a game should pass will be my biggest milestone achievement yet! So please do check out the demo and consider voting for ORB onto Steam!

Thank you all who take the time! I truly appreciate your support!