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Looking good!

All the stuff I release is effectively cc0. I think the copyright situation turns into madness sometimes. you can use what I release for what you want without restriction. I hope it is helpful or useful.

No prob!

Awesome, sounds good!

I'm sorry that I hurt your  feelings when I gave honest feedback about your game needing a lot of work.

The game was full of jank:

I got nothing against you and hope that someday you can make a good game and work on your mentality becoming a little less fragile when other people give you feedback about your game.

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I've really been enjoying the game, and I'm about 4 hours in (and I normally don't like any of the super-hero stuff at all, but somehow you've pulled off something different). I think I will pick it as the next pick for the RTP (Rarely Typical Players) podcast when it's my turn in about three weeks. 

Here is the channel, I'll remind you before we do the stream as well if you'd like to attend. Every Wednesday at 11AM (Pacific Time, UTC -8):

Looking good!

Reviewing this game starting Tuesday Morning at 8AM my time (normally I'd consult about schedule ahead of time, but it's a tight week). I'm sure I'll like the game and do a part 2 though, if you can't make it to this one, I'll connect with you for the next one:

The game I tried that he didn't like my feedback on:

I tried to give MacKiller96 constructive feedback on his game and he basically lost his mind. 

I am reviewing your game tomorrow at 8AM Pacific time. If you can or would like to make it to the stream, here's the link. Basically doing a blind review. I played for about 15 minutes and seemed promising:

No prob, all good! Thanks again for making a great game!

Thanks, I'll check that out! Also just throwing it out there, but Psychronic Games is also a Publisher (specializing in sci-fi games). If you want your game on Steam (and don't want to go through the trouble of setting it all up yourself), we would be willing to pay the Steam fee, and get the page up and running so your game is available on Steam too.  Your game is excellent and definitely it should get out there to more places and I think more people would find your game as a result. 

Since your game is free, we would put it up as a free game and would require absolutely nothing as far as fee or anything to do so.

What's in it for us? Well, with a number of projects under our belt, including games we've made ourselves, we want to be known for getting underrated hidden gems out to the world. Also in the future we're open to other forms of collaboration as well. 

If not interested, no worries at all, just throwing it out there.  Thanks again for making this game, it was a lot of fun!

Finished the game today, loved it, here's the last video where I reviewed it. Initially I got Ending 10, which I was satisfied with/ending made sense for how I would be in that position of the Character/outcome I was looking for. I will check out all the other endings too. 

Feel free to keep this question and post up, I'm happy to answer. 

The "Blind Review thing" is a situation in which I'm trying to do reviews on my channel, but pretty raw. If I go into a game totally blind without looking at any of it at all, it might not be ready yet as a game or whatever, and I will try to weed that out. 

As for your game, I saw all the comments on it, and I also saw there wasn't a lot of videos for it, and I played for 10 minutes, and already knew it was going to be good. So I want to do a review to get your game more noticed. I am a game developer as well, but I want to review hidden gems. I think your game fits the definition of hidden gem, but I will play your game on Thursday and find out. 

Please like and subscribe to our channel as well so you can see our game too. But from seeing the basics of your game, I'm seeing the very fundamentals of RPG's in your game that need to be noticed by other makers of RPG's. 

Awesome! Here's the link to the video, it will stream live at the specified time. I only played about 10 minutes of your game in anticipation of a possible review and I think it looks really cool:

Hey I was thinking of doing a blind review of this game this upcoming week. I do blind reviews of games as part of my channel now. I was thinking of doing it sometime Thursday. If you'd like to be part of the livestream as the dev, if there are some good times for your timezone, let me know before Thursday and we can adjust times. 

I was tentatively planning to do it at 12PM on Thursday (GMT -8), Pacific Standard Time (PST). Also here's my channel:

Also I did showcase your game and link to your game in my shorter video about how to fix the micro-jitter problem. So if anybody else sees the problem and finds the solution through my video, it's your game that's showcased in the solution, with link to your game:

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Thanks for popping up on the stream today, was good to have the dev there. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for future chapters. Get it done! :)
Also as promised, here's some great sites to find music and sound effects:

There's a lot more of them too but just the few that come to me at the moment. OpenGameArt has been the most useful so far because the music seems more geared toward games in general. But check out all sites. 

I set the start time for 5:30PM your time (8:30AM my time). See you tomorrow! Here's the Link:

I am GMT -8 timezone (US West Coast). So it seems if I do the stream in the morning, it will line up with your time for evening. Tenatively, let's say Friday, around 8AM my time, which I think is around 5PM your time (is when I'll start the stream). There's the possibility of an appointment  at around 11AM for me, but I'll try to rearrange it so I can do the stream Friday if that works. 

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Part one of my Review is done, there will be a part two and I will review the demo with a score at that point. I'm enjoying the game! Here's the video. If you can let me know of some good days/times for you, maybe you can make it to the next one. Also if you have seen micro-jitter (as I did when testing your game), I found the fix for you at around the 46 Minute Mark and suggest you modify your pixi.js library file. I only know because I encountered the same problem in my game Star Shift:


Will do, I think I will do a "let's play" video or something. Here's my channel:

Just checked out the demo for the first time, this game's really cool!

You can use any of our stuff in your game, but please link your game when it's at that point so we can see it, just happy and curious to check it out when it's in there. 

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Should totally work for MZ, feel free to use whatever you want from the set. 
Perhaps send a link to your game where you use it too, I always love seeing my sets used in other people's games. 

No prob! Check out our other sets too and and enjoy!

No prob, check out our other sets as well, and we got more coming!

Just updated to fix a bug where skills would take on the characteristics of the last item used. 

What is going to happen is that the survivors from the dauntless are going to form a group called "The Order of Restoration". Their goal is to restore the timeline to what it was before they got stuck in all of this. 

In the main game, you as the player make all kinds of morality choices and you run into these guys. You will run into Carol Everson and Archer and all them in the main game, and based on your decisions they will either be neutral, or join you, or fight you. It will be good!

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Great to hear! It's a whole franchise and we're aiming to make each one better and better. Rebellion will also be longer, we felt Origins was a tad too short. 

Sounds good.

It does!



Thank You!

No prob, glad to help!

Thanks, when you cook something up, send me a link, I always like seeing the assets used in other people's work! :)

Wow cool!

No prob, glad to help.