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I quite like this! i do hope it gets more content, and maybe a way to save and fast travel so you wont have to restart whenever you get a game over

Hey! i was wondering, those are some preeeety cute mice, is there a way i could get partial ownership of them as OCs? i'd love to write a fic on them and develop their character and stuff. hit me up on twitter, i @ ya just now.

Nice! I like the concept and gameplay, but it's currently very buggy and needs some serious work on gameplay  fluidity.

Please inform me when it's playable and sexy fun, i'm very interested o3o

I speak Malay and chinese

cant wait for the continuance


I can't even get through the first platforming section, far too slippery.

noice! hope to see this expanded upon

The explanation of how the arrow mechanics worked in the game was rather confusing.

Just generally speaking, the instructions on how to do battles are not very easy to understand, the way the game explains about the arrows are quite hard to understand

I like the concept! The instructions aren't the most clear though, and it could definitely use some improvement, but so far, looks good

The lack of instructions and any sense of direction makes the game unplayable.

i cant find the idol qwq

is there a demo for this?

i agree


Cant wait for the playable stuff to be ready. i have high hopes for this game

I've been waiting for another game like this! it shows massive potential but it definitely needs some work. Good luck in making this game successful! :D

Aight x3

okiz, notify me when its up owo i am intetested in trying it out

Link doesn't work :/ neither does the one on the patreon, 'there is a problem with the network'

can i have a demo of the game? im interested but i want to try it out first :)

Amazing content :D hope to see more updates

Awe, really enjoyed what you have so far. Hope to see this game get better and better. Perhapa you could start a small team that could work on it? 

Any idea when the next version is comin out?

I hope to see updates for this~ really fun to play, and its a bit addicting too

*cheering noises*

Amazing. has a lotta potential, hope to see more updates on it :3