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overall not bad, the art is simplistic but enjoyable, and i wish there was more of it, good job!

oh, it's sound based, i see. i played without audio the first time and got stuck

is there a hint for what the sequence is?

Somehow i'm stuck with the first door right side puzzle, is there a specific button combination or?

Just having to 100% the game's requirements and stuff, i dont have the time to git gud >w<

same here!

Les go! Hype hype hype!

adorable and cute game, i look forward for its continued development!

pretty good! once it's ironed with a few more features i'd be happy to pay for it, hope there's a downloadable version too!

also, within the in-browser mode, after you trigger orgasm, it may get stuck in a loop and the player is unable to move.

File appears to be corrupt, both winrar and 7zip are unable to unzip the file (error: file is corrupt)

Relic of Kaleva community · Created a new topic Still here?

Is the game still under development? is the creator okay? it's been years now.

Interesting, always cool to see chinese rpg devs come up with ideas, hope this one works out well for you! it's vocabulary is too deep for me to read outright (i share 3 native languages and chinese is my weakest one), but overall it seems like a solid start, i'm definitely interested in seeing what kind of nsfw scenarios you can come up with, and i hope the game turns out to be something unique to add to my collection!

FETID WIND community · Created a new topic Pretty Good!

A niche set of kinks, that's for sure. But executed pretty well with reasonably thorough (though somewhat buggy) content and a decent amount of 'pull', I'd be up for seeing this completed!


deceptively good depth! this definitely escapes the general issue of AI assisted work being below usual quality, and i can definitely appreciate the many BEs (my favorite!), guess i'll be joining that discord! :3

cant wait for the 0.6 update for some of the scenes, i have no idea where/how to find the host club ones

Outside of telegram, do you have a discord community by any chance? 

Finally got a bit of time to full explore the game 100%, i dont think i left a pixel unturned! I am excited for any upcoming updates :3

rare to see a VN i like, nice stuff! i'd be interested to see development continued

it's neat to see you here, farf!(from FA), do you know any games on this ere platform that you'd recommend?

it's a shame, i would have loved to see more content and updates, the idea is pretty interesting

Just finished the game via the normal combat route, only gameplay gripes i have is the severe RNGness of certain fights, had to save scum several times accross the game in order to preserve items as i perceived it as important to carry items into the next section. most importantly was the stun mechanic paired with submission being 100% rng on whether it completely fucks you over or not.

Yes, yes, and yes! I'm gonna head back home in a minute and buy it now , can't wait to try it out!

Outside of that though, i like the idea! just wish it was a bit more.. lewd? i guess? would definitely download if it had more of the fun stuff xP

I'm a big fan! Would love to see more lewd mechanics in this style. It brings me back to the ole days of that great flash game, the legend of kalevala i think i was called. If development continues you can count in my wholehearted support!

Windows Ver. Download doesn't work.

that's a good deal of progress! just make sure not to get burned out on such a large project, i look forward to playing the next update!

edge until just before release then stop, causing a very small and not satisfying 'ruined orgasm', there are tags on site like e621 and rule34 for examples of this

do you guys have a discord?

I'm stuck on the rock puzzle

dont upload something that's this unfinished. there is literally nothing to do.

i like it! hope you keep on going with it, always nice to see linda :>

I like what you've got here! I can't wait for future content.

Quill's gonna be paid somehow,right?