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Optimum Link community · Created a new topic Website Update

We've just launch a big new operation. Our website now has a members space and forums for the community to share things and ask questions. Most of our future development posts will be going there, we just shared some images of Optimum Link multiplayer!

Sign up (if you want) to chime in!

We're not dead.

Neither are you.

Optimum Link returns this year with a significant update.

At Protoria, we’ve been hard at work on several projects. It took a tremendous effort to organize the next iteration of Optimum Link, which will feature a lot more than 0.2.

Optimum Link 0.3 will be coming to Steam and in the second half of 2018. Join our Discord community where we are actively sharing development of all our projects:

Connect with us on Twitter!
Protoria Studios:
Optimum Link:

This is where we chat with fans! We consistently share development updates and discuss games in general. And if you support us on Patreon, you get access to our Labs where we show early experiments!

Traverse between land and air with your wyvern. Use teeth, claws, tails and thauma (magic) to shred and slay your foes. Choose from a variety of perks and abilities to play the game with your own style. Customize various parts of your wyvern's body!

The free demo features offline AI battles on the first epic map, "Thunder".

Download here:

Support on Kickstarter here:

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It's like Optimum Link; it's own thing. Try it out and see!

Attention players! Version 0.2 will be up on March 1st!

He's too fast to draw!

Hey there Players,

An update will be coming very (very [very]) soon to Optimum Link! Keep your eye lids stretched and locked into the open position. Follow the Dev Log on Game Jolt for more:

email is at or you can use the contact form at