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Version: 3

- Dithering Support: No longer will your palettes look like ass when presented! Now you can toggle dithering and supply a dither texture to create something good looking!

- Additional Palettes: Musician and Energy

A gamer's game.

More amazing than I ever expected. A legendary adaptation of the novel.

Thank you.

Version: 2

- System now supports contrast and brightness (this affects the screen before the effect is rendered, so don't worry about that part). In practice, this helps in certain situations to make the colors displayed on screen more varied, and can be adjusted as needed. It's defaults are set the same as the palette system was before this update, so if you don't feel like you need to use this feature, don't worry.

- Creating palettes now shows the defaults properly. All colors are white and the contrast and brightness settings are 1 and 0 respectively. This was an issue in the past, because it could cause some fiddly issues.

Howdy there.

I understand that some people may have just gotten onto the cusp of finishing their submission but missed the date. No worries! The deadline is now 1 week longer. Hurry while you still can!

This is really really good! Great job on your game!

Hey! Awesome to hear you're really up for this! I also use GIMP too so I can relate.
Anyhow, very interested to see what you come out with! Don't pressure yourself too much, just enjoy yourself!


Awesome Damien! I'm excited to see what you come out with!

MS Paint Jam 2k17 community · Created a new topic Hello!

Hey, welcome to the jam!

Feel free to introduce yourself here if you want.

Make sure to play this if you haven't already, it's great.

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Version: 1.6

- Finally renamed file from "Apply_Posterize_Five" to "ProtoPalette", making it more comprehensible.

- Implemented a custom editor for the ProtoPalette script. Makes it so that the palette option won't show unless manual is selected.

- Adds two new sample palettes: Neutron and Ohmega.

Version: 1.5

- Fixed compile error.

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Version: 1.4

- Updated documentation to inform more about some of the other functions as well as lerp.

- Added in four new sample palettes: Abyss, Candy, Golden and Forge.

- Updated the API a bit more to include some more helpful functions (randomizing a palette object dynamically, etc. etc.).

Version: 1.3

- Adds in a new palette generation mode called lerp. It takes two randomly selected colors and creates a gradient between them. Makes neat results.

Version: 1.2

- Updates the scriptable object palettes to now include their own randomization settings! (no longer are you stuck with just the random base option, now grayscale, pastel, gradient and saturation gradient are available options!)

Version: 1.1

- Strange gradient behavior reworked and minimized

- System randomizes each time a palette is generated, preventing repeat palettes.

Version: 1.0

- Adds the entire palette system

- Nothing to note, just the immediate release.

Hey there! Thanks for checking this out!

If you have any suggestions on how to improve this or any bugs you've encountered, please post here and tell me!

This game is really good.

Wonderful work! Looking forward to the finished product!

Neat little program with interesting idea generation.

The suggestions are also pretty neat, so if you're not sure what to make, Dr. Suggestso is definitely something you should give a spin!