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The only criteria is how well you think the game represents the theme of the jam which is 'Love'.   It has to be interactive, ofc. Beyond that, it's just how well you like each game. The voting panel is shown above. 

Welcome! I'm looking forward to the entries, too!!

Thanks Olivia! You're the best!

Hey K-Kat! None of the editors can help with that ahead of the submission. You may be able to find someone by asking in the Twine Game or Narrative Games discord servers or the forums.

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We opened it up to Game Authors as well as Judges and the process follows the  standard itchio voting where Judges (editors) and Game Authors can vote. We felt it was a good thing for Authors to get their eyeballs on other works and to view them with a critical eye. That helps Authors grow and to familiarize themselves with what else is being produced.  A game author can only vote on other entries by design. We ask that you vote on a minimum of five entries according to the criteria we have in place on the voting page.

The winning entry prize is payable upon publication of the game (after any requested edits from your assigned editor).  The game will go through our normal editorial and contract process which is available on our website. I linked the submission process in the jam page info. Our target date for Publication is February 2019 near Valentine's day to play up the highly interpretative "Love" theme of the jam.

We have an editorial staff of seven editors including our EIC and our slush readers who will be voting for the Editors Choice Award. Both prizes are awarded the same standard pay structure and contract as described in our submission process for the magazine. 

If you have any other questions, just ask.


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The Twine word count does include code so you should be good to go. If you want to check for sure. Do a play-through of the game and highlight then cut and paste the text from each new page into say Notepad++, then you should be able to see the wordcount on the Summary page.

Also keep in mind that any repeated phrases like room descriptions or link text or page headings only count once. So if you use the same link text several times, it only counts once toward the total. 

I wouldn't stress too hard about it at this stage, if you win we'll be editing prior to publishing anyway.

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Nope.  Just upload as usual. For the purposes of this jam, any original author-submitted work will be considered not previously published as long as it's not found elsewhere on the net or previously available on the net.

Welcome! And have fun!

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Humor is most definitely welcome. Parody is fine if it's something along the lines of Red Shirts by John Scalzi. He basically riffed on the Star Trek universe without using any existing characters or place names or delving too deep into similar technologies.

Repeated phrases / paragraphs / passage descriptions should only be counted ONCE! Good question!!

Even better news, it will be paid at normal Original work rates for first U.S. publication. So the same as Original works. Looking forward to seeing it! :D

Hello! Sorry for the delay but the  Holiday week has been hectic!

It's ok to submit the translation. I am still looking into the pay rate if you win, whether it would be paid as an Original or reprint work. I will let you know as soon as I do. Thank you for the question.

Checking with the EIC. I'm leaning toward it not being original because generally works of fiction give up their publishing rights upon first publication no matter what language they are published in. I will respond when I know more with regard to the jam. Thank you for the question.


Agreed on the nerve-wracking part! Once you get past that, you're rewarded by getting some decent feedback from your fellow devs. It's a great way to grow your skills.