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We opened it up to Game Authors as well as Judges and the process follows the  standard itchio voting where Judges (editors) and Game Authors can vote. We felt it was a good thing for Authors to get their eyeballs on other works and to view them with a critical eye. That helps Authors grow and to familiarize themselves with what else is being produced.  A game author can only vote on other entries by design. We ask that you vote on a minimum of five entries according to the criteria we have in place on the voting page.

The winning entry prize is payable upon publication of the game (after any requested edits from your assigned editor).  The game will go through our normal editorial and contract process which is available on our website. I linked the submission process in the jam page info. Our target date for Publication is February 2019 near Valentine's day to play up the highly interpretative "Love" theme of the jam.

We have an editorial staff of seven editors including our EIC and our slush readers who will be voting for the Editors Choice Award. Both prizes are awarded the same standard pay structure and contract as described in our submission process for the magazine. 

If you have any other questions, just ask.



Sorry for the bother, but where can we see the voting criteria? I don't see a voting page linked anywhere. Thanks!

The only criteria is how well you think the game represents the theme of the jam which is 'Love'.   It has to be interactive, ofc. Beyond that, it's just how well you like each game. The voting panel is shown above.