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Hello, Lohmuller! Nice to meet You. Yes, You are right. The game is not uploaded Yet. I had some issues trying to submit the entry: it is necessary to be a browser game made with Unity and using the Colyseus Multiplayer Framework. I already download the Unity Hub (225 Mo) and I need 9.5 GB more disc space to install Unity 2019.4! This means, that I can discover the newest First-time user Microgames soon. I take a look at your prototype and add your project to the 'fanBase' page. As soon as You read my reply to answer your establishment posted 17 hours ago (as cited as follows: « The developer has not uploaded a game yet... :( », end of citation), this message will be deleted to avoid spam on my profile page. You can read our entire conversation at the above named 'fan Base' page too.

It is a constructive way to participate a jam for beginners: thanks to ' ', I challenge two new tools now; they are helpfull to progress in the Beginner Category. 

Actually, I continue explore the Code Guppy tutorials and this is my creation submitted as a '#TeamTrees Jam' competitor on

100 minutes to get 112 saplings and additional 20 minutes, to solve the task

Time: 00:00:52

Score: 2794

Whilst train using the compass: I did it! with zero seconds remain; score: 82 seconds remain.


Please, tell me: why do You hide my previous topic?
I create it to write about joining Jams as a Beginner Category participant.

Score: 6025

Score: 33070

Score: 21=21 & 30

Score: 17

Score: 22

around 400+


train to beat the computer: 7 vs 4

Score: 3938

Level 1: 57 moves, 5 foods; 

Level 2: 83 moves, 12 foods.

Keep trying to beat my high score too!

searching the score

less than ten minutes

Mission: get more than '73 Food', fill two slots with sugar, take the gold and stay ready to fight with Cutlad and Cutlass. 

Following mission coming soon.


50 minutes to manage 14 levels

less than half way

1) click 'play' and press 'space' (x4) to get zero memories in less than 00:49.8

2) click 'play' and get all memories in 3:10.0
3) click 'play' and press 'space' (x?) to get 11 of 12 memories in less than 01:40.2 

Time: 13 minutes

Total food count: 129 (Time: 169.28)

(1 edit)

Level 1: 21.12
Level 2: 67.12
Level 3: --:--
Level 4: --:--

GEMS: 13/28

Combo: 189


Score: 53


SCORE: 183.8218 

Yes, but not really. If the 'unitywalkthrough-5' user wish to realize a better score than 00:50.5, it is only possible using the right arrow key once. This means, that as soon as 'Click here to play' be active and load the game, the time runs and the right arrow key can be pressed: time stops at the right limit. 

Here is another example using a Microgame Tutorial Service: 'upArrowKey', playable with one button only!