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When I start up the program, neither the previews,nor the nodes show textures.

I tried exporting a texture, but it outputs a black square.


Very engaging mechanics! I lost interest after a few rounds, so work on a level system or items or something else to reward the player! Great gameplay though, I started immediately to figure out some strategies to live as long as possible!

Good concept, mechanic is fun and great level design! Please make movable objects differ from static objects! Keep on working, fellow devs!

Maybe you’ll have to apply the phy material to the player too…

The game has a few glitches and a few bugs but overall: great idea and fun gameplay! (I suggest using a capsule collider for the player, so you don’t get stuck on flat surfaces anymore and a PhysicsMaterial with zero friction for the walls. These are some 2 minute fixes. 😉)

I had a focus on touch input for this time, so I’m afraid this is a feature I will not implement. Making games with only-mouse input is challenging in some point and I will stick to it in order to make games being playable on PC and mobile devices.

Oh! That’s a big praise! Thanks!

Not bad!

Keep on trying! Triple digits is possible! I saw someone actually beating 120!

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Yeah, that’s basically why the game took so long to make. It was much more coding effort than I initially expected. Not only did I want the random pattern and variations to be individual and unique but there is also a variety of Restrictions had to make.

Fun fact: I made the components easy-to-expand, so there may be a hudge update with muuuuch more content and artwork some time (and also some minor Bugfixes and increasing difficulty).
Maybe we someday see a PlayStore version of it?

I suggest following me on Itch or on Instagram to stay tuned 😇.

Do you think the game is too easy or do you think the game itself is simplistic?

Thank you!

48? Wdym?

oh,thx lol

I can’t find the stream… Did it get cancelled?

Thank you!!!

No, thanks!

I literally use the same version of Firefox! There are no blog entries, the loading page of the Unity webgl is being shown but the game download for about 15 minutes.

I had this problems before maybe try and go with the minimal webgl template of Unity.

Very creative idea!

Great Artwork!

The number on the stars cannot be changed from 0 to 1.

The game does not start in my browser (firefox)…

Even with random map generation!!!