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Yes it was inspired by game of life. Unfortunately we only had half the time to make the game so it is flawed. 

When you place the objects the green clay button pops up and that will start the simulation.

We are from Hungary and Szabó Rebeka is a common name here, so it isn’t her... i think:D

Thanks for trying out our game:)

thank you so much for the nice review :)

Message me at with the details

no, there is no ending of it... yet :)

Oh yes that is only fair if you do rate me on that :). You have a fun little game yourself on the jam. Rated it too :)

Since then I have 10 levels and new mechanics as well;). Actually youre the first to ask that and yeah I was planning to add traps that you have to survive even after catching the flag :)

Thank you so much:). Yeah it is currently being worked on with more levels, more art and new game mechanics with progressive difficulty. And it will be available for pre-order on the App Store too from some time today. 

I was thinking about it as well and I think I would go the Spelunkey style of procedural generation with random hand crafted rooms attaching to eachother randomly. With procedural generation Im always afraid It wouldnt be fun. This will be good to experiment to spend time with now :D

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Our  intentions were to create a more relaxing experience with no learning curve hence the lack of "gameplay". As the art was abstracted into line drawings with minimal black and white colour with the only colour being the so called spot of sunlight, we thought as the sun you would be interacting with the environment mostly with evaporating water and growing plants.  So this was our train of thought for this jam game :) . Thanks

Thanks. Yeah I'm currently working on more levels and mechanics and the camera has been fixed but I cant update the game with the fixes as it's locked because of the competition :). I was thinking of an infinite level as well but I dont know yet how that would translate to a procedurally generated level...Its definitely worth thinking about:)

It’s all solved now :) but I cant update it becaus of the competition I think. 

yeah I am aware of the camera flaws and I have fixed it but because of the review period of the jam I can not update this version yet but believe me it is fixed :D . You did read my mind with those mechanics ideas I'm currently working on exactly those mechanics and I already have more levels in my updated version. :)

Here is a screenshot of the camera can only grab on the leaves that are in the light.

Great idea for the jam and nice slick visuals. I seemed to have difficulties hitting the buttons the right time...dont know if it was my fault or there isnt much wiggle room for accuracy. A sound effect or some more visual feedback(like a light flash) would be useful. Well Done

Thank you. Yeah I noticed that problem as well. I will be experimenting with a few solutions for it. I am testing it on my phone as well and this problem seems less noticable tho

yeah I was aware of the similarities with Getting Over It but i was going for a more Super Meetboy type of gamefeel... it might not be noticable yet but it will be from the new levels :)

thank you. I will be crating more levels as well as a phone version :)

Yeah I did have it at first that you could swing the hook as the hammer in Getting Over It :D Shame there was no more time as I have more level plans and assets that just didnt make it into this game. Thanks

I see what you guys mean. I'll look into those. I'm still planning to expand on this game cause a few things didnt make it into this game like the enemies and collectables so I'll try out what you said. thanks

Thanks :) yeah we can still improve there. We rushed to finish the sound effects :/

thanks :)

Thanks so much. Yeah it was all planned but ran out of time :D We did enjoy working on this project tho so it will be updated with all that and more. 

Thanks :)