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Great demo! It's very creative! :)

Just wondering, is there any way to auto-select the next available character?

Thank you. :)

This looks amazing!

Pre-purchase question, is this compatible with VS plugins?

I have all of VS plugins and I have to sacrifice some of my favourite plugins because they're not compatible with VS ones...

Thank you for your response. :)


I want a glowing indicator, indicating entrances and exits.

Basically, I want a translucent flashing (but not too bright) circle.

Does this pack contain anything like this that I can use?

Thank you.

Another quick q:

Is there any way I can create the vibe of a busy downtown business/shopping district with your assets? I want modern and tall buildings.

Could you please point me to the right directions?

Thanks again.

Thank you for your response.

You're right, I think "softer" and lower in saturation might be the more accurate descriptions.  For example, the V1 maps are more saturated and closer to RTP in style.

At first, I just wanted to use a few tiles from you and use the rest in RTP.  However, I found out that the artistic direction is a bit different for the two of them.

Also, I just switched to taller walking sprites, and I think they look much much better on your maps compared to RTP assets (the doors are too short, and etc).

I just bought like 10 packs from you guys.  Keep up the great work! :)

Just bought them! They're awesome!

Quick q, I'm using RMMZ and I noticed that the your sample maps are a bit blurry and pixelated compared to RTP assets.  

Is this because they use different resolutions?

P.S I'll try to use the tilesets in my pre-existing maps to test this out as well. Thanks.

Love your work!

Would like to buy it, but I only have RPG Maker MZ and I'm new to it.

1) Is the importation process very difficult? (I suck at design and arts, which is why I'm buying it in the first place)

2) Is there any other engine that is more compatible with your work? Thanks! :)

Yes, you are right.

I managed to set up the event templates in the VS plugins and now farming works again. Yay!
I also somehow managed to set up a timer for the QTE button mash.  Really cool.

However, I ran into a problem when I tried to copy and paste the event to my project. 
For some reason, the locations were off, despite using the same values.

Is the only way to do so is to change the x values manually? 
I managed to do so for the button mash event and I learned a lot about moving pictures and their functions.

However, it was very difficult for a beginner like me, so I'm wondering if there are easier workarounds.

Thank you. :)

BTW, I just realized that there might be a conflict with VS plugins.

The sample kit worked fine.  However, when I copied and pasted the JS folder from the VS sample kit, somehow the land-tilling function will not work.  It will still play the character animation, but the land will stay the same.

Thanks for the tips, I got it to work! :)

By the way, could you please tell me the actual script to use to set up a fail timer for:

1) Button mash
2) QTE?

I just realized that if the user doesn't do anything, the event will not end, which can be not very challenging, so I would like to add a timer to force the user to concentrate on this event.  Thank you. 

Hi, KR:

Pre-purchase questions:

1) Is this the same as the one on steam called RPG Maker MZ - KR Urban Modern Tileset? If so, I would like to purchase it on Steam, as it makes the DLC easier to manage.

2) Is the steam version the most up-to-date one?

3) Does the steam version include sample maps as well?

Thank you. :)

Thank you, Caz.  This has now worked PERFECTLY! :)

I really like your ideas and projects.  As someone who is new to RMMZ, this has given me some inspiration to use in my future game.

Quick questions:

1) If I want my game to be using mouse/touch only, is there any way I can change the tool without using PGUP/PGDN?
Say I have 2 png arrows and I want the player to use these to cycle through the tools.

2) Is there any way to only show the Tools UI on certain maps?
For example, I only want to Tools UI to show when the player enters a farming area, and would like it to disappear in battle/town.

 I tried setting S0213 Tools UI to ON/OFF but the UI is still there.

Thank you again. :)

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Hi, Caz:

I just bought the full bundle and I'm testing things, as I am fairly new to MZ.

Instead of copying and pasting to my own project, I wanted to see how things would work before doing so.

However, I am unable to grow crops despite changing the time values manually.  In other words, I haven't been able to do so from the project I downloaded directly from

Would you be able to look into this?

P.S. Also, I don't see any options about advancing the day, and talking to Gale just changes the hours, but does not advance the day.

I manually changed these values but I still haven't been able to get the plants to grow.

Thank you. :)