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Sorry I don't understand your words. You can download each standalone game file for Windows or Mac (Total 4 zip files) if you buy this package.

No plan. Sorry.

Thanks for enjoying a lot! No worries about spoiling. We think it's still fun even if people knows what game is. :D

It's been too long time passed, but finally I've uploaded a fine Mac build. I think it would works.

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Uploaded! Thanks for supporting!

It should have been fixed now. Thanks again for your supporting!

Oh, so you can't access this package even though you bought a year bundle, right? Sorry for your inconvinience. We'll contact site organizers.

Project.99 is a tiny group of game developers in South Korea. We gather every month, make weird games, pack them all, and sell it for 0.99 USD. This month's package is out! We used to made several games in separated for the past project. But this time we made one game with all members.

The game called Space Romance. There are 2 bots who fell in love each other. The only problem is that they use other's eye when they move. So game player should let them keep looking each other. To make them meet and kiss.

Link to game page

Sorry for inconvenient. I don't know how to fix this issue.

I've uploaded html5 version so please try it on Safari. (Ignore the warning when you run index.html file.)

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Fingers Crossed is on Greenlight now. Please cross your fingers if you like this tiny weird shooter.