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Omg..I am absolutely in love with this! I also get attached to characters easily and pretty soon so when Joyce left I seriously started crying..also LOVING the art style! Who am I kidding, I love the whole game. Every bit of it. I can´t believe I got this lucky  to find this literal GEM of a game! I originally intended to play this cause of the screenshots (you know,the art and stuff) but when I found out that not only could I change the name of the protagonist but also I could be  A GAY LITTLE POTATO NOT ONLY IRL BUT FINALLY IN A GAME TOO?? LIKE HELLO,WHY DON´T MORE GAMES HAVE THIS FEATURE? Long story short,you totally bought me with this. I am SO going to pay for this game! Please release the second part soon,I miss my virtual waifu so much already :´( But by all means,please take your time! My heart may be broken (into a million pieces,actually) but I´m willing to wait if it means the second part will live up to this one!

PS: Joyce for the love of God please come back to me I´ll get a better computer I promise also a phone I am literally going to buy a phone just for you omg please I need youuuuuuuu--