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Omg..I am absolutely in love with this! I also get attached to characters easily and pretty soon so when Joyce left I seriously started crying..also LOVING the art style! Who am I kidding, I love the whole game. Every bit of it. I can´t believe I got this lucky  to find this literal GEM of a game! I originally intended to play this cause of the screenshots (you know,the art and stuff) but when I found out that not only could I change the name of the protagonist but also I could be  A GAY LITTLE POTATO NOT ONLY IRL BUT FINALLY IN A GAME TOO?? LIKE HELLO,WHY DON´T MORE GAMES HAVE THIS FEATURE? Long story short,you totally bought me with this. I am SO going to pay for this game! Please release the second part soon,I miss my virtual waifu so much already :´( But by all means,please take your time! My heart may be broken (into a million pieces,actually) but I´m willing to wait if it means the second part will live up to this one!

PS: Joyce for the love of God please come back to me I´ll get a better computer I promise also a phone I am literally going to buy a phone just for you omg please I need youuuuuuuu--

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Hello, we've been so busy with work and couldn't any reply sooner! sorry >o<

Thank you so much for playing //TODO: today! And thank you for the feedback <33
This comment made us really happy and we're glad you enjoy the preference options!
We're currently working on the second part and information about the pricing will be posted in our devlog prior the full release!

Again, thank you for your support and have a nice day! :3
(Too bad  we can't tell anything about our beb Joyce >-<)