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Hello, we made a game. It's called The Indie Game Legend 3D.

I love the look. Great job!

ooo thanks!

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This NES inspired shooter-vania brings you retro arena shooter gameplay in first person. Loosely an homage to cult classic The Guardian Legend, but taking inspiration from several classics, this game will give you retro feels in aesthetics and gameplay. 

The alpha demo includes 3 of the 9+ distinctly themed areas, runs about an hour to play, and is only available for a limited time! I'd love you to play and provide feedback in our forum. Thank you!

Awesome, thanks for playing!

Hey thanks! I tried your game, too. Good to see more quirky first person games.


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Haha, ok thanks. I'm sure there's a bunch of little things like that I'll have to fix.

If you hold down Shift (Option on OSX) while starting, it should give you a dialog to run in windowed mode.

Yeah I hear you. On second thought it doesn't make a ton of sense, but it came to mind because I just finished such a theme appropriate game that also happened to be my first finished game. It was certainly quite a challenge regardless of being in a game jam or not.

I figured as much, but had to ask. Here it is:

Visitor Center! A short love letter to 1993 SNES Jurassic Park.

I feel like a jackass being That Guy, and I'm starting on a new game for this jam now. BUT since it says multiple submissions and I JUST released a game that ... well ... REALLY fits the theme ... can we submit existing games? I have not released the source for it yet but this would be a good excuse to!

Me too! Since no actual Jurassic Park trademarks are used afaik, it would be the current owner of the game copyright to take it down, originally Ocean Software. They've gone through a number of owners and I think currently Atari owns them. Since it's "just" the game copyright of a now defunct publisher, I think as long as it's under the radar it'll be fine. It's basically a fan game, not making any money, not infringing on major license trademarks. 

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This. is. amazing. Super glad you liked it! I'm going to a fix a few things before the final release that I learned from watching this great playthrough. Posting this was dangerous, it makes me want to make more content for this one ...

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It will it just has to be held on them for a bit. And then ultimately it doesn't kill them, [SPOILER REDACTED]. Last resort weapon. Better to find some shotgun ammo or rockets.

This is awesome! Learned a lot from watching you play.

You can strafe if you use WASD or a gamepad. :D