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I am not sure, but I don't see what I am missing. Maybe there is a method to flip buffers that I didn't know.

Try capturing a rook or knight. You'll see that it's not so easy.

Looks like you used Mono; maybe you could export for other systems.

Same, stuck and it seems that part of the screen is hidden on Web Player.

The game over is an unintentional jump scare. Better to fade in and play nice music.

Also, there is probably an option to keep pixels sharp when scaled. (nearest scaling).

The controls are a bit confusing. Up to go down ^^

I think it's modeled after 3D games, but we are in 2D.

Launch your game to see the error.

Seems there is an  hint here:

And thanks for the feedback. You made the game more accessible!

Yes. That's why you are confined in those two little rooms and why you loop back.

Also, the room with the vertical corridors is designed to teach you the mechanics by sheer drilling. That way, the controls are easier to internalize.

I also tried to make you accidentally find the solution. Because when you can carry three items, you have eight possibilities to try, which is quickly tiresome. So, the level is arranged to minimize the number of tries.

It's also why you have doors where you must leave everything behind. It was for my sanity too.

Thank you! 

That's intended ^^

But it may be too hard to find out. So, maybe showing keys in the level may help.  I'll do that.

Thanks for the feedback!

The space is limited here, so you can visit my public GIST:

And thanks for your guidance!

For anyone wondering, in the math node, you can pick A<B and set A to $uv.x and B to your treshold.

If you want a vertical line that is centered, use abs($uv.x-0.5).

For an horizontal line, replace "x" by "y".

I didn't found a node permitting me to have a value of 0 until a given offset and a value above. So, I created a custom node "offset" (Should be "step", but that name is already used) with this output:

Godot is much easier than you think, there is literally a method called "move_and_slide" which will handle...moving and sliding ^^

And there is even a method called "move_and_collide" and you can probably guess what it does.

Also, the language, GDScript is indent based, which makes it quite visual.

The easiest way to get started is by doing one of the simplest scene only using physic based nodes, so you can get to know the UI side of it. Then, you can add some code.

You may find it much easier than you thought  that it was.

GBStudio is nice, because it allows to create...GB games, which requires quite some level coding and GB studio makes it visual. So, there is no competition between Godot and GBStudio.

That's an handy explanation there!

The right click permits to collect resources. To be able to harvest trees (green stuff) or stone (grey stuff), you have to be close to them and right click them.

Once you gathered enough "stone" and "wood", you can craft fire by pressing "c" and selecting the "basic fire" and clicking "craft".

Back to the game, you can click the fire icon and place a fire on a free position.

It's more a technical demo than a game. No win or loss condition.