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What a kind comment! Thank you! It always means a lot when anybody plays my games, so thank you for playing more than one and taking the time to comment! I do my best to keep it reasonably original, even if otherwise it's pretty shallow most of the time.

I think actually I've been doing it slightly longer than five years - the very oldest games are not on But even if it's less than five I do still plan to stop in early 2020, I just haven't decided yet which month will be the last!

Edit: no, it's just a bit over five years consistently, though I've tried doing games before the start of the consistent one-game-a-month streak which is 5 years as of January I think.

Yes, that's true I could have done it like that, but for the bee game I wanted things to be calmer and less interactive. I still might do something more strategic like having a game where you command things to attack etc., I just haven't wanted to do aggressive games for the last while.

Thanks for the feedback!

@Stentorien Thanks for the comment! Yeah, it's not designed for the player to need to do much, just to be a chill and satisfying time. If you want to do more, try ANTS instead!

Thank you!!! <3

This is wonderful, thanks! The function both makes perfect sense _and_ does everything I want. I have put a thank you and a link to this cart in my code comments.

@subpixel Thanks! Wish I'd had time to do more, I spent a LOT of the 2-3 hours making sure the text would work. :(

Thanks. :)

@Jupiter Hadley
Thanks for including me in your video! The ships firing backwards is just me trying to fulfil the goal of 'badly' ripping off things from other games.

@Kyle Nyland:
Thanks for the feedback! If you download the 'play again and again' ZIP you don't need to worry about the end screen's timer, but good to have some feedback on it nonetheless. I thought I made it long enough, but I was probably erring on the side of caution, trying to stay inside the rules of the DUPLICADE cabinet.
As for the start timer, I like the idea and might add that in! Thanks again, and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the game.

"Systematically destroying a website" is a bit much, in general I think the game seems a little mean-spirited, but it's well put together.

This is a lot of fun to mess with, and also contains Brad and good audio things.

DMX Goomba is always a good time. I probably played this for longer than I should have. >.>

I'm always here for Giant Bomb GIFs in any context at any time, so you could have just had a bunch of those and I would still have enjoyed the game. I only got the correct answer by process of elimination, but the journey-!

Another one for the eyebrow shaving, but I must congratulate you on that logo.