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This is a really nice game. I agree with an earlier reviewer: you should make more levels now. Congrats!

Excellent job! The controls work. The game play is clear. The graphics and sound effects are good. My favorite this week!

Beautiful artwork! Perfect music. I like the way you interpreted the theme: most people's first thought is that the player mustn't touch something, but you made the player the enforcer.

Interesting theme. Good graphics. Perfect music!

Nice, simple idea. I love the TV screen, glare, and traveling timing line!

It's hard, but it looks great! 

Really nice idea for a game. Congratulations on getting something complete and coherent posted even though things came up. I enjoyed it! :)

Really fun. I only got as high as 94, but that unlocked other levels, so it felt nice that the game didn't demand perfection.  Nice multilingual pun in the title!

I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks!

Hard but really funny. I didn't succeed in making burgers, but I did make quite a mess. Great idea!

Great work! I didn't make it to school, but I laughed and had fun!

This is really good! I just played in the browser. Is there a way to save progress in the downloaded version? I got stuck in the third (or fourth?) level and would like to come back to it directly.  It's a really clever idea, your puzzles are challenging, and the new element each level makes it constantly fresh. Excellent work!

Nice interpretation of the theme: the limited sight made the small grid just challenging enough to be fun. And you found really cool music!

Cool idea. I enjoyed it!

Oh, I just saw that you're going to try Godot. I haven't used it, but I hope it works for you. Good luck, and thanks again for the fun game.

Fun game! Excellent interpretation of the theme. I especially liked the parallax on the background trees, the home-recorded sheep sounds, and the crazy-long leaps. Probably no one else will have this particular reaction, but your shepherd runs up and down stairs (with W continually pressed) the way I do in my dreams, so I found it strangely calming and reassuring. I know that when I made my first platformer in Unity (OK, only platformer so far), I thought of the character clinging to the walls as a bug, but I like the way it works in your game, because it seemed like I got an extra chance sometimes if my shepherd almost made his jump: I could imagine him barely holding on with his toes and swaying and scrambling to try to get to the top of the cliff. I thought the map was just large and complex enough to provide a challenge, especially given the radar that showed up at exactly the right time. Rule tiles are cool, aren't they? My only suggestion for you (for your next platformer probably, since you may be done with this one) is to click on your original sprite sheet of tiles and have it render one pixel less per unit: or at least do this on the background tile(s). I found Unity sometimes flashing gaps between the tiles if I had them rendering at their native size, and I saw this in your game. 

Nice interpretation of the theme. I enjoyed it!

Yeah, the victory message is great. I enjoyed it!

Fun and weird. Strange garden, indeed!

Ken's first complete game on Unity