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Professeur Poire

A member registered Oct 13, 2016

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Nice one, I liked the look and the idea :)

Thing is over!
Not as good As I hoped it to be but at least it's somewhat playable and finished :D

I really like your game concept and everything you posted in this thread, keep it up :)

Fishing Jam 2 community · Created a new topic Fishing Hell
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Hello everyone, I wish you all the best for this jam and I'm eager to see what we're all gonna end up with.

That being said, I'm opening this thread to speak about my current game idea that involves swarms of mutant robotic alien fish. And guns.

In the game, you dive in the deep trying to exterminate as many mutant fish as humanly possible with the biggest gun you can afford. You're link to the boat by a tube from where the air is coming in. If you takes too much damage, you can always asked to be exfiltrate, leaving the mutant fish population alone, for a short time at least. Then, on the ship, you can buy upgrades to dive even deeper.

That's it, It might not be the craziest idea around but I like fast paced shooters so that's what I'm attempting to build for this jam :)

I'll try to update this thread with my progression.

Thanks for the attention :)