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I deeply appreciate your project of playing every single game in the bundle.
Also winning Stophat on the first try is no small feat! I know of only a handful of people that managed to do it in all the 5 years that the game has been out. Even the god gamer horheristo only beat it on his third try.

That was so close! 95 on your first attempt is great tho, i'm sure you'd beat it if you tried again

Thank you for finding it!, did you find it?

Thank you :D

Hahaha thanks, I considered updating it many times but never actually got around to doing it.

This seems to be a problem with many older gamemaker games, I can assure you it's not malicious in any way though.

Here's my submission, fuck the government and fuck the police 👍🏻

I tried to put in as many challenges as I could but 48 hours wasn't nearly enough for me to implement all my ideas, that's also why I didn't playtest as much as i would've liked.  Thanks for the feedback :D

Thanks so much 😄

Thanks for the feedback, I feel like I could've made the pacing a little better while still making the game feel fast, you're right.

This was pretty awesome! (per second) good interpretation of the theme, my highscore was a little more than 8k