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Thank you! I was aware of the cliché while working on the game but it was the easiest and most iconic way to differentiate between friendly and unfriendly troops. I allow myself the occasional stereotype ;)

I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

It's not possible to win as the Trojans, I had thought about doing a secret ending of some kind but the idea of having all four options on the last event being to bring the Trojan Horse in was hilarious to me so I went in that direction instead.

Thanks! I had my covid vaccine on Saturday and Gallantry is launching on Friday so I've been really limited with time, hence the lack of a tutorial, but I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Huh, that's pretty strange, what OS are you trying to run it on?

Any mythological guns? Haha.

Hey Devs,

Very excited to be sponsoring the event and defending my keys for Gallantry for the winner which is launching next Friday.

I was wondering if we could get a free resource list here for the less artistically/musically inclined among us?

Here's a handful I use:

Icons -

Images (including illustrations) -


I typically use these as placeholders in my games before I can find a contractor but you can use them as long as you give credit I believe. I'd be eager to see what others can come up with.

Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with and giving out some keys!

Thanks Athansius!