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Princess Digit

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Thats why it's fun. Lol

Especially if you rip apart the idea of sexuality on a daily basis, like I do. I'm so excited!

I've been designing this game, (as well as creating the story), for a while. I'm looking for an artist who can bring it to life. Someone who can make something sexy, without trying to make it a fap game, (that is NOT the intention. This may be NSFW, but I'd like to keep the actual sex to a minimum). 

I'm around for any questions you may have, and you can hit me on Discord (Princess Digit#2671). Just copy that, (I did).

The project is pretty hefty, but can be scaled back as necessary. I'm hoping that as the project continues, we can build up a patreon following, (an equal share of the profits to everyone involved in the project).

Hope to hear from you!

Princess Digit

I made a  166 spam tower...gross... Fun game, though!

That was pretty fun! I loved the concept! 

Thank you so much! I couldn't help myself, I had to put the logo on the walls!

That was fun! I can't wait to see more!

Yea, I ended up turning it around at the last minute, and didn't get a chance to go through the UI. And it should always go to the next level. I played it through about 40 times, and I never had any issue. There is a chance there's, like, one random one. 

Just so you know, you uploaded your project folder, not your build...

Thank you so much! <3<3

That's pretty awesome! Did you guys do the pixel art? That's fantastic!