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Hi. On I didn't have time to update the demo. On steam, you can download the extended where there are all the features of the full version of the game.

Steam version 2.3 is already available, this problem has been fixed in it and many others. On itch I the game is temporarily not updated. The key to the Steam version you must have.

Very soon!

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I think for the second video is little content, you can wait for the second Chapter for the second video. The second Chapter will be in November.

This is not a bug))) You do not properly set details хD

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Hi! Now the game is in early access, it will include only 3 chapters. The game can be purchased once and you won't buy more. If you buy the game, future updates will be free for you. Thank you for supporting the development!

Thank you for playing!;) It was funny!

Hi! Thank you for playing! Hope you'll enjoy the full vrsion ;)

Hi Angelique! Thank you so much! We are trying for these reviews! We are very pleased :) Hope you'll enjoy the full version in future!

Hi! Thank you :) 

Hi! Thank you for your let's play video! We enjoyed this:)

Hi! Thank you so much!;)

Thank you!

Thank you!!:)

Thank you! 

Hi! Thank you so much for the detailed review! We enjoyed your let's play! 

Thank you so much!:)

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Hi! Thank you so much for your let's play! We really enjoyed this!

Thank you so much for your amazing video :) 

Thank you! We loved your video too! Amazing:) 

Thank you so much! :)

Hi Simi! Thank you so much for your video! :) We enjoyed this! Hope you'll check the full version out soon!

Thanks! You can download demo for being possessed more xD

Never Again - Horror/first-person Quest. The main essence of the game is research locations and puzzles, plunging in the dramatic story of a little girl suffering from asthma.

The main character - Sasha Anders, an eleven year old girl who awakens from a nightmare. The world seems to be upside down for her. Everything becomes so strange. The house is imbued with loneliness and longing and it seems strange to our character considering it was always dominated by love and harmony. Everywhere except for the heroine's room, suspiciously darkens, without even a single sound. Her parents and younger brother have gone missing. The girl is smart and sensible beyond her years, but each person has their own fears, and sometimes they cannot cope. This is especially troubling Sasha, due to the slightest fear, she feels suffocated. The story that we'll tell you penetrates deep in your heart and leaves the experience forever. The saddest part of this mystical tale, is that it is not a tale at all. This is the story of a little girl, the story of Sasha Anders.

No magic, fairies, fairy tales
There are a lot of empty stairs.
Only traces on a thin neck
And deepest scars on your back.

The Head is habitat for demons,
The Heart is shelter of the evil.
All your bones sore from the fear,
The voices scream get out of here!