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Looks good! 

Looks great! 

Hi! I am hosting a -70% surprise sale on my recently release horror/adventure game. Make sure to check it out and get it for as cheap as 1.49$ if you find it interesting. 

It is emotional story driven game about a guy with mental health issues. He begins to look for answers at what happened to his best friend. Play and experience yourself.

Feedback is highly appreciated if you decide to try it out! 

Thank you. 

"To The Ones We Lost" is emotional story driven adventure/horror game about a guy who has mental health issues and loses his mind in process of seeking for answers to what happened to his best friend. 

All of the sudden things start to get weird and he begins to question his own mental health.

Dear players, 

Here you can give feedback related to the game. Hope you enjoyed the experience playing To The Ones We Lost. 

Hi! I just released my game called "To The Ones We Lost". It is a emotional story driven game. 

Main character has mental health issues and that drives him into the craziness. Join us and experience it yourself!