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Thank you for playing! Can you tell us what could have been done to make it less confusing? I mean, yeah, we had to cut some ideas off that could have made the gameplay different, but we appreciate the feedback!

Also, thank you for hosting this jam, we very much enjoy it! <3

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Thank you for playing! We came across some bumps in the road before deadline and had to cut some things short, unfortunately. 

Glad you made it out in one piece! Thank you for playing! :D

Thank you so much! We had plenty of ideas but hade to cut some things short, unfortunately. Glad you liked it!

Glad you like it! Thank you for playing! :)

Thank you so much! There were some issues we absolutely would have liked to skip as we got closer to the deadline, but yeah... We appreciate you playing and commenting!

Thank you for the feedback! The fox can be at bit bothersome, but I understand you got past it. I guess there is a fine balance between making a game where the player wants to keep trying and a game where the player gives up. :) Thank you for playing our game!

Thank you! Of course!

Big thanks!

Thank you! It can be a bit tricky, but try sneaking up next to it without using the lantern, then turn on the light. :)

Then I withdraw what I said! :P

Thank you for playing! Did you hear the alarm go off when you thought they couldn't see you? There are sensors on the walls in some rooms. Good luck beating the game, I haven't either, *cough*, but it is possible!

Thank you for playing! The guards aren't supposed to see you through walls, but they can hear you if you run or attack - or if you trigger an alarm! ;)

Thank you so much for playing and your kind words! The alarms makes one (or me atleast) doubt even going near the amulettes. :P

Big thanks! I haven't beaten the game either (so far) but I think patience is key. ;)

Thank for playing it and commenting! We know for a fact it's possible to beat the game, but it is indeed hard! ;)

Thank you for playing! Did you beat the game? :)

Thank you! Really glad you enjoyed it!

Soothing graphics and all-in-all a very nostalgic feel! A very zen game, I would say, but then I met the boss bot and since the other enemies were pretty much cannonfodder, I was not prepared for when the boss sprayed me..! :)

Great work!

Nice work! Smooth animations and a cute character! I really like the mechanic of sling shot-ing and gliding! It could absolutely hold up for more levels. The only bug I encountered was a flickering dialouge box before the boss fight - which I by accident figured out could be won by standing on the left and waiting for the attack. All-in-all, well done!

Big thanks! Really glad you enjoyed it!