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Travis D. Hill

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thanks so much! I absolutely loved making that small title!

No need, Lise!

thanks! I would too! I might have bit off more than I could chew with volume one, but I’m wanting to do a second. 


Thanks so much, Spencer!

thanks Andrew! The concept definitely revolves more around non-humans trying to hold it together while a couple of humans are just talking about the boring stuff. You could also go super rogue and let people secretly choose whether they play as humans or not each round. Could be even wilder. 

Thanks! After the garbage fire of this year, I felt we all needed some joy. :)

If i can figure out a way to send you a download key, of course! :D

You can order one a!

Thanks so much, Jon. I set out to do something different and intentional. Enjoy!

The idea is to capture a fun, silly way to interact with a potentially boring day. If you're playing this as a competition (to get the high score), then most definitely the best thing would be to cast good spells that affect our bosses. But really, who wants to only do that all day? :)

Thanks for backing it!

Thanks so much!

Thanks so much, Jared. There's also something to be said about "knowing" enough of yourself to capitalize on your flaws (or ticks) for the betterment of your social status. I think so many politicians nowadays (including the president) use their idiosyncrasies to get what they want. However, of course, they don't want to show their hand too much. And at a  macro level, we do the same. I am already getting to an age where I use the way I act and react to people to my advantage. It's unnerving, but true.

Thanks for playing along, and for creating such an interesting jam! 

What if the topic you got was about a flaw you have that you're weary to tell people? I think you just nailed it. RIGHT THERE! I love it.

Thanks Paulinha for the very kind words. I hope you can find someone to make strange noises with here soon!