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Sorry everyone for not responding.... We have decided to drop out of this JAM, Sorry All the best for everyone who are participating... : )

We need a team member who have little experience in programming or art or 3D modeler or musician for jam.

We are a team of 2. For me this is my third jam and my partners first.

Preferred Time Zone : GMT +5:30

If you are interested ping me Zeno Discord or replay here.

Thank You  :  )

Will check it out

Everyone check this

Oh we are improving the game check the beta testing post


Check this out

Check this

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Check this out


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Bro check mine will check ur game

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Thanks a lot for checking out

I didn't get about the bullets you are taking about.....?

Thanks a lot

Thanks a lot

Bro unable to rate no macOS version

Thanks a lot will definitely check it out

Oh thanks for the info

bro windows ! i'm on macOS !

Web game im on the go

Will definitely play

Bro no macOS version ? its no there i have unzipped ! will check urs

bro windows ! i'm on macOS !

bro windows ! i'm on macOS !

i need macOS version

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Can't rate, only windows version Available

Nice game but instructions could be clearer

I could not buy pen ! even if I had money

Awesome audio

Bro rated your game !

Oh thanks by the way

sorry bro cant play and rate as not available for macOS !! sorry

Bro our game please

Sure and thank you

Sure will check if available for macOS

Will check it out


Bro played rated and left a comment awesome job !

Awesome game for first game jam !! but i got stuck at 2nd level !!

Bro check out mine

Bro please try mine no webgl but give it a try atleast