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Ooooh! Evokes a lyrical sort of ocean-dread!

Cute and hilarious - loved it!

Such a polished game. I felt the pacing was fair. The magician-themed attacks were creative and fun. Thanks for making it!

Super cute! I felt all fuzzy inside after finishing this game. (And I needed it. Today was a long day.) Thank you!

Pretty fun. Challenging. Chill art style.  I would prefer not use number keys for navigation, though. I need to keep looking at my keyboard to hit the right keys. Good job!

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Love card game & roguelike combo! Simple and clever. Pretty hard though! The art style is charming and consistent. Good job!

It took me like 50 tries to finally reach the end.

I also wish you can hover over action cards to understand what they do.

I got to understand the character with all the dialog. A rich scene painted by a few words here and there. Excellent pixel art.

I had this magical moment when I discovered the subterranean world. I laughed out in joy. I love the cozy ending. Thanks for creating that moment of discovery for me.

Well done! We need more games about game makers!

What a creative premise. Real cute! Thanks for making it.