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I've send you an email last week. I'm waiting for your answer !

The Belly Team.

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JayPlaysOfficial, great video !

Yes Belly is quite difficult, but keep going ! I'm sure you can destroy this leaderboard :) !

The Belly Team

Hi !

Thank you for your video flxp :) ! Always a pleasure to watch new Belly's experiences !

The Belly Team.

Thank you SOLAR WOLF !

Hello G_C4T!

You don't need a powerful computer. If it doesn't work well, just choose "low" graphic setting.

A laptop plugged into a mains is the best option.

Have fun with Belly!

The Belly Team.

Good playthrough GrittGaming, thank you :) !

More you play, higher your score is... I'm sure you've got the skills to do better than 2220 !

Seriously,  thank you for your video it means a lot to us !

The Belly Team

Thank you for your video Jordanthompson.

Your theory of "Reflect Them Up" is very interesting :) !

Have a nice day !

The Belly Team

Hello Neco The Sergal :) !

Thank you for your video, it's always a pleasure to watch players experiences. Your in-game reactions are linked to our intention, that's cool.
It was a 6 weeks student project and we love our game, we are thinking on how we can improve our "Belly".

Have a nice day !

The Belly Team