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Thank you!

Hey, thanks for trying out.

The combo system was a thing that was added at the last moment, so it's not a very fleshed out one. Other ideas was a combo system that keeps going up with each timed landing, but the collision behavior was rather fast and tricky.

Still, I've tried to make it happen that it usually lands on the same number if it's at an average jump, maybe it's an idea to land faster once you can time the jump. But I've yet to figure that out

Hey, thanks for the feedback!

I'm sorry for the late reply, for some reason I didn't got a notification from it.

Having control over the sheep was a concept idea, but I didn't had an idea on how to work that out. Redirecting the sheep back to the center (and away from the border) does sound worth trying out.

The plants already come out earlier if you try to keep only a little amount of sheep, back then they were a form of 'anti-cheat' mechanic, but I may alter that mechanic a bit.

The hurt mechanic (or lack off) is indeed unusual, I'll probably mention that on the page.

Think this gives me enough ideas to come up for a new update, once again, thanks for the feedback!

This was a fun game to play!
I've enjoyed the mechanics that kept the combat fast and clean.
my only little nitpick is the long delay after the 3-hit combo, maybe the last hit should be more notable (stronger/bigger hit?) but other than that, I've really enjoyed it.

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So far a good demo.
I loved the animations, movement and combat style, that certainely gave me the momodora vibes. It's artstyle is simple and solid too.
I liked the limitation on the arrows to avoid camping, but eventually I ended up only using the knife, haha. I loved that you could aim the knife in such many directions though.

The music is a bit gloomy, and I think it last a bit long, which starts getting a bit boring after 10 minutes. perhaps you can spice up the moment you get your knife. A lot of Metroidvania's do start out with exciting music early, but that depends on how you view your game.

I do experience some performance issues in larger rooms, it might be my PC, but I didn't see why that could be an issue, but maybe this is something you could look into?

Anyways, it's a great game, you're making good progress and certainely got the attention.
I'm looking forward for it's release!

There actually is already a hit cooldown present, as long as the character flickers red after getting hit, you shouldn't be able to get hit again.
Have to say, I have difficult times reproducing the collision bug myself, even after getting hit constantly when right behind the wall.
Maybe I'll give it another look at it to see if it's possible again.

thanks for the quick response, it works like a charm!

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It's a great little game.
Just tried playing it with controller, and I think it would be great if the controller also supported L/R buttons, instead of only A/X.

Thank you!

Hey, I've recently updated the game that includes a few changes from your feedback, namely the knife's range and been able to restart through the pause screen.

Feel free to try it out, but be aware that you'll have to start from the beginning if you do.

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I'll look into this, thanks for the suggestion, and glad to hear you're enjoying it!

Customizing controls was already an idea, but it's for sure tricky to implement. Going to give it a second look, and see if I can apply it for the gamepad as well.

Thanks a lot for trying my game out!

The collision problem is a tough one, I've seen that one before, but I always could get out of it by walking/jumping. So I didn't found it crucial. But thanks for the suggestion!

The sword/knife is intended to be a little risk/reward. Though the main reason why it's so short is to prevent to attack through obstacles that are behind a block. Perhaps I can find a way around it.

Been able to restart right after dying is a good idea! I'll look into that.

Most of the background objects are sprites, so they're not designed to be interactable, it would make more sense though considering the red flower is around the same size. 

Noting down all of these to look into it, huge thanks for the feedback!

It's a short, but fun game with a good charm. It had a pretty low performance on my end, causing sometimes dying from lava while standing on a floating block, but that might be just the way of Unity. 
There was only this situation where the block got stuck in the wall, and I couldn't push it out again.
I tried to undo, but that didn't worked after getting the Diamond that made me longer.

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This was an interesting read, I can see this method been executed in games like Undertale and Oneshot as well.

If the artstyle of these games were, for example, 3D, then that would've been more distracting, and probably an effort better spend on fleshing out the story/characters more.

Short, but fun game, I've enjoyed it!

This is really looking good, it has a nice classic feel to it.
I'll surely be using these as inspiration.

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Aah, I see, thank you, and nice job finding them.
Next time I'll update it, I'll make sure things will be easier to locate.

Thank you! Glad to hear you liked it.

I don't know what you mean with the second sentence, but I can agree that it's easy to lose track without a map. I'll try to work on that.