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Thanks for the honest feedback!

To answer some of your questions:

The game has no actual story. I'm not good at game design, level design, or art. I just wanted to make a game, no matter what it was. The character is just that, a square! It's all I could come up with in the game's development period. The enemies should have been thought up more thoroughly, I agree.

I don't take this comment as a negative one at all. Any feedback is good, and hopefully I'll make something better in the future with the tips I've received doing this jam!

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Thank you so much for the feedback! I'm glad that you enjoyed the game.

As for your comments about it not being exactly a metroidvania, we do realize that. When coming up with the premise of the game, we wanted something that is original and fun, and so we came up with the swords idea. The metroidvania element was supposed to be conveyed by having to bring swords with you from one room to another in order to access new areas, but I guess this wasn't emphasized enough through the map design.

I hope people would still enjoy this as a puzzle platformer nonetheless!

R will teleport you to the last teleport sword you placed that is in range. The only way to return to respawn right now is to die, but once the voting period is over, I will be sure to add a respawn key!

If you're on Firefox, click the icon next to the URL in the urlbar and then click "Turn off Blocking for This Site".

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Minor updates include bug fixes and balance tweaks. No new features or content.