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Thanks! Looks like it might indeed be a problem with the 10 series then.

Ah, glad to hear that it works! :D

Do you have a GTX 1070 by any chance? Because if so that would be the second black screen caused by AA on that card.

What GPU do you have? As a first try you can do the following:

1. Download this config file:
2. Copy it into %appdata%\SepiaRain\TidalTribe\config

Maybe that works. (if it does: it's gonna look like shit but you can try changing the settings again and see what's causing the problems. In one instance it was the anti-aliasing, so you can try leaving that disabled)

Tidal Tribe is a relaxing god game where you have the power to shape the terrain in a world that's constantly hit by waves: protect your villages from floods and destruction, all while using that very same water to bring life to the beach by building lakes and rivers, that make the different plants grow and provide your NPCs with everything they need. The NPCs are also up to all kinds of shenanigans and depending on the world they can for example build factories, become criminals or wage war.

Next to the Free Game and Challenge modes, there's also a Story mode that features several main missions, side missions, parkour maps (incorporating the terraforming), minigames, treasure maps, photo quests and different endings, decided by how you play.