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Power Struggle Games

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thanks for the praises :) watching cpu thermometer is a great idea ! reminds me of metal gear solid and having to freeze/heat keycards

The arbiter is pleased with your persistence ! 

Great idea to bring the puzzle further next time...

After your surrender, the arbiter self-destructs and nothing is left.

Thanks for the kind words

Maybe you can work it out with the device manager... this is the hard mode :D

yeah this is definitely windows only I'll clarify this

You are absolutely right, it is a bit of a nightmare to handle !
Thanks a lot for laying out all this info for us, we will tackle these issues as best as we can when we find the time to update the game :)

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Yeah actually it seems levels get a bit broken after level 20, they were not tested, we might fix that one day :O

Thanks for the love and for your feedback !

Working PRECISELY as intended

Happy to hear that :)
we'll do our best to get those collision issues fixed if we find the time to update the build

Thanks for the kind words :) Hopefully we will find time to update the game and tweak the difficulty, levels above 20 can get a BIT hard