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Absolutely amazing journaling game! Very helpful as a fiction writer who loves writing superhero stories :)

Amazing game Ferret! Was wondering if you planned to put it up on Steam at all at some point? I definitely wouldn't mind double dipping on this game

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Got it! Well I'll absolutely be double and triple dipping on iOS & Steam when those land. I'm gonna be stoked when I hear the people on the gaming podcasts I listen to singing the game's praises too

Didn't mention it before but I also really really love you & a3um's enemy designs & the twists on them. Creatures like the slimes are recognizable but distinct enough to know they came from this game & "the triplet" boss girls from 1/3 of the way through are really cool. Don't know how much more you're gonna push it on the features front since I'd argue that for the price, what's included has been worthwhile already, but seeing more biomes & subsequent increased enemy varieties/designs would be really amazing!

Extremely good game you have on your hands here! Don’t know much about your plans for ports beyond mobile but it’d be great on Switch.

Always love the revival of text-based RPGs! I absolutely plan to get this on Steam. If you don’t mind me asking, did you create this game in Flash too or using an engine like Godot or Twine? I’m inspired to follow your lead and explore creating a game in this vein.

Great work on this game! It was brought to my attention thanks to Camirisu's Let's Play of the demo a long while ago. I love how modern it feels while giving me the nostalgic sensation of playing what could have been a little known Gameboy Color game I would have devoured as a kid. I was gonna ask what game engine or program you used for development of the game. Was it that G.Mini project you have?

Looks fantastic! I'm glad this didn't slip by my radar. Do itchio purchasers get a Steam key as well?