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Amazing! Thank you so much for the compliments! We appreciate that you played our game! 

Thank you for playing our game! We went with a very unique approach to what "game show" means. We used the definition of game that means a hunted animal (which in our case is the deer) and show as to present (in our game you "show" the path for the deer to escape its hunters). I know it is a little bit off the beaten path but we thought it would be interesting to try and interpret the theme as weirdly as possible.

Thank you so much for the constructive comment and compliment!

Awesome art, music, an animation. Just like other people said, the lack of games or variety in the games made it a little boring at the end. I got the maze 3 times in a row so it was muscle memory by run 2.

Amazing art, amazing animation, amazing commentator, amazing work!

Amazing Game! Really original concept with the cards AND wheel. Amazing! 2 small things I just wanted to share in my experience of playing it: 
1. The beginning text was very slow to materialize and without the ability to skip ahead I almost dropped out of the game (which luckily I didn't because the game was awesome) 
2. I experienced a lot of glitches with the card texts. Sometimes the text would not show up, the card text would be off the card, or would go in front of other art assets.
Again amazing game!

Really fun game! Please take my criticisms as nothing more than wanting to help a fellow developer because I really liked the game and art style.
1. Idk if it was something with my browser but the sound and graphics seemed not connected with each other at times (ex. the countdown time sound ended while the text was still at 3).
2. Jumping was a little floaty. GMTK makes a really good video explaining how to remove this floatiness because in most platformers the falling actually occurs quicker than the rising. It does not follow the rules of physics but that snappy jumping we like in classic games breaks the rules of physics. 3. At times it got frustrating because the next platform would sometimes be out of frame so I would have to multiple times take leaps of faith.
4. I did not realize there were lives until I finally failed. Possibly try and make it larger or more obvious on the screen for future games? This last critique you can take with a grain of salt.
Again, my game is not any better so I just wanted to leave my opinion as a play tester. Awesome work! 

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Animations looking pretty nice. ;)

Thanks! We really appreciate it! We had fun making that particle effect so we're happy you had fun with it too!

Totally agree. We felt unsatisfied with the jumping but had no time to fix it. Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you so much for this robust response! Yeah we definitely agree because we had so many ideas and then ran out of time so we weren't able to delve into them deeply.

Thank you for the feedback! Since its our first jam we will take all advice we can get!

Amazing game! Just one little nitpick, sometimes even if a table has the space for the person and I'm touching the table it still will send the person back to the line when I drop him. This happens especially when a table is next to a wall. However, overall great art style, controls, music, and everything!

The ending blew my mind! Would definitely pay money for a fuller version with more game elements and puzzles

We as developers wish we had more features too! We got into disarray with version control so we had to cut out 2 levels to submit on time.

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Thanks! We spent an embarrassing amount of time on the player animation so I appreciate the attention to it

Thank you for the suggestion! We actually thought we did less telling than we should have! Good to know!

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