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potato imaginator

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ColorBros community · Created a new topic Game Feddback

Give your feedback on this game? Should this game receive more updates , enemies ? Comment below

thanks :)

i don't care  if you remove this topic , why? because i'm 21 , i don't listen to people

And people think game development is easy  XD

New relaxing endless game playable at:

(1 edit)

i have windows and it works perfectly fine in google chrome browser , weird , it's html game from puzzlescript

please rate my game:

new levels will be added after game jam finishes , can't update game currently

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more levels to come after game jam finishes , can't edit or add new levels now

new game released

press X to swap between red and blue

press Z to undo

press R to restart

push all boxes to destination to win

palyable at:

New game playable at:

My first puzzlescript game released now