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Lmao in denial 

I've been playing this game on and off because of how much of a hidden gem this game is! OSH needs such a bigger fanbase. It totally needs to be as well known as some visual novels like Adastra dude

WELCOME BAAAACK!!! Oh dang I am so excited!

The hearts next to the bars indicate where the sweet spots are. They move so look out

I uploaded Tyler's theme to Youtube in case anyone else is a huge Tyler lover!

This visual novel is absolutely incredible. All the characters are so alive and beautiful... especially Tyler. I love him more than I love myself! Not too excited about the redesigns but you know, they look pretty alright so I ain't gonna fight it. I'm so excited to see where this visual novel will go!

I hope you're doing amazing, Leo. Keep being incredible.

I sit with you. Is there a particular character that you love? Like, actually love.

Yo Tyler's a Carabao? I'm learning more about my favorite man

I'm sorry. Did I hear... redesigns? I really hope Leo changes nothing about Tyler. Tyler is more than perfect right now and changing him would be a crime aha

Two possibilities. One, there is a way and you gotta do something specific to get them, or two, Leo hasn't implemented them yet and just did the art first.

This game defiantly has potential! Hope there'll be more characters to battle against and maybe some... spicy action with a few of em. I'm excited for what's to come!

Of course! Even the small details should get attention! You did amazing on this game!

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This game is sick. Love the beats too. Lo-fi is the best. Love it!!

Btw, the way the die rolls is accurate! I held up a die to confirm. Great attention to detail!

Hooooooh! I had quite the shock when I saw this haha... Dunno if I could snuggle with either of these without being burnt! They're so hot!

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We need a route for Russell! Chant with me, Russell fans!

Russell route! Russell route! Russell route!

More parasite-involved adventures!

This game is AMAZING! It took nearly two hours to beat, but after a little practice, a lot of patience, and a WHOLE BUTTLOAD OF LUCK, I beat it. Definitely worth it. 12/10!

(Don't read ahead if you haven't finished the game, needs a spoiler text option)

I can't help but wonder... what species would Izorath conjure up from my imagination and desires? I would definitely attempt the ritual if it were real, just to find out, and to meet Izorath, and to see what his realm looks like. He seems nice!

I hope there will be more parasites added someday! It'd be really fun to mess with em all.

I don't know if it's my phone or the app, but when I download and try to install THH, it stops after a while and says "App not installed."

But I do play it on PC and HOH MAN I'm in love with it! The characters are all full of life and the story is interesting, making me come back for more!

Yes, I did state my opinion, but I also said where the language options are in the beginning.

"It's the fourth button from the top. Though you'll likely just have to click around the menu to find the language menu."

I think this amazing visual novel far outweighs one small inconvenience in the menu. You'll be fine.

Can I do this too? I wanna participate!

This  game is adorable! I loved every second of it! The animations were nice, the art was smooth, and the story was incredible! I absolutely cannot wait for more!

It's the fourth button from the top. Though you'll likely just have to click around the menu to find the language menu.

I am writing this right after seeing the tutorial/introduction/mechanics video and... I already freaking wish I was in this world. If Dragon Island was real, it would be my one and only goal, mostly for the characters. This. Is. Amazing.

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So far, this VN is amazing! It's adorable, charming, a little cringy at times (in a good way), and just incredible as heck. I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT for more to come out! I need more of my big, strong, soft 'Don.

Though I did encounter a bug. When I enable the rollback swipe, it will go back one when I tap.

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You're a dad now, Josh.

But no joke, really good comic! I REALLY hope you make more, longer comics, qwaxi! A comic like this with more story would be very interesting!

What's it? What is it about?


Hoh man. I really, REALLY want a sequel for Adastra. I finished Adastra in a few days and after that, I died. It was really, REALLY good, BUT now I can't stop wondering what happens next! I need a sequeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel!

That's what I'm wondering

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Well the current song in the game is definitely worth waiting for. If other songs that are as good are added to THWETHB, I might die. Personally, music in games is one of the most important aspects of them, and THWETHB has hit that mark already! 

And Zarahn (I think I've spelt that right) is just tooooo adorable..

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Hello! I've been playing this game for a good while now and I just adore the music! It's soo good. Perfect for playing on loop while exploring the Brothel.

I just wish I could get the song. Is it in the files, youtube, or no where at all?

I started act 2 last night then finished it an hour ago... Now I'm so so happy but so so sad. I cannot WAIT until act 3!! The Forest of Love is one of my favorite furry games ever, up there with Adastra. I found nothing I didn't like... apart from when I was really sad when I found out Maverick is into women... BUT OTHER THAN THAT it was an amazing experience.

Yeah. Amicus is my type, so its really easy for him to make me hard xD

Can I just say, this novel is fucking amazing. I cannot put into words the emotions Adastra made me felt. I almost cried three times, I tensed up and relaxed multiple times, my heart was hammering, boner raging sometimes. This novel is pure GOLD!! I dread the day it comes to an end...

But really. If I could be trapped in any existence, taking another with me, it would be my bf and I to Adastra, visiting Khemia and all the other plantes..

oh yes yes yes! I am extremely excited!

I love this game! I wonder if there'll be more...

Wow. Thanks!

Small On Top community · Created a new topic Update?

Is there a way to update my current file without having to reinstall it and restart from the beginning? I looked for the save in the files but naw.