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Postmodern Adventures

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Thanks to you for playing it!

Thanks, Kyriakos!

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Sure! I didn't even credit myself on these pages! The composer is Eric Matyas ( In his page there are a ton of wonderful tracks to use legally in any kind of audiovisual projects.

Thanks! I'm glad that you enjoyed the game.


¡Muchas gracias!

Gracias por el comentario, Manny!

I'm glad that you had a good time playing it! Cool video!

I didn't know the game, i just saw it. Yes! The kitchen and the father in the living room... it's like Splatterhouse Billy Masters! Thanks for the comment!

That's a lot of love! Without Elvis Tanner (the translator) there wouldn't be a german translation. So thanks to him too!

Wow! I have no words to say except thank you so much!

¡Gracias por el comentario!

Thanks to you for the preview! There is new game in the works and if everything goes well , my other game Urban Witch Story will be available in English.

Elvis Tanner, the german translator asked me if i wanted to translate the game to gernan. He did a fantastic job in a couple of days. There's no doubt he's a kind of wizard.

Never played the Beavis & Butthead game. But love the show! Thanks for playing Billy Masters!

Great! Thanks again! Sooner or later "Urban Witch Story" will be translated to English.

Thank you so much for these words! Maybe tomorrow i'll update the game with a german translation.

Oh, thank you!

Me alegro que lo hayas pasado bien!

Wow!! Thanks for the support!!

Oh, nice words! Thanks for playing!

I like to add background animations and little interactions with the characters to bring more life to the world of the game. I'm glad that you noticed those little things. Thanks for playing Billy Masters!

Nice video! Thanks for playing it!

Thank you!

Se me había pasado tu mensaje, sorry. Escríbeme un mail a y te comento.

But... you solved it! Without a walktrough! Well done!

There is a translation on the way for Urban Witch, but it goes slow and i had no idea when it will end.  I hope that one day non-Spanish players can play it. Fingers crossed!

And thanks again for your words about Billy Masters!

Thanks for playing the game!

It´s an honor that you had those kind of sensations playing the game. Thank you!

Thanks for your words, Terrorose. And thanks again  for the gameplay. I really appreciate this kind of things!

¡Gracias, Ana! Me alegro que lo hayas disfrutado.


Not at the moment, sorry. Thanks for your words!

¡A ti por jugarlo!

En el museo hay varias historias de cosecha propia, esa a la,que te refieres es una de ellas.

Hay varias cosas que hacer antes de resolver lo del hospital. Tal vez no hayas hablado con algún personaje que corre por ahí o no hayas abierto otros escenarios.

Me alegro que te esté gustando el juego. ¡Muchas gracias!

Muchas gracias por tus palabras. Aquí estamos para eso, entretener. ¡Gracias!

Hola. El juego no se puede hacer funcionar mediante ScummVM. Dentro de poco se subirá una versión para Mac. 

Por supuesto, sin problemas. 

Hay dos líneas de investigación en el juego. La del sospechoso y la de los críos. Segun avanzas se te van abriendo escenarios. Por lo que comentas parece ser que aún no has abierto la de los gemelos.

En su habitación hay una nota que podrías mostrar a alguien que los conoce MUY bien. A partir de ahí tienes más escenarios y personajes con los que interactuar. Uno de ellos es clave para resolver un puzzle dentro de la santería.

Y gracias de nuevo por tus palabras!