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Hey! I sent out in an email a bit ago that you could go to an link to get the jam page media for your videos, streams, games, game pages, etc. but I’m actually gonna be removing as it seems unnecessary with what I currently have and I’d like to clean some stuff up. From now on if you would like to get any of the jam assets for whatever you do, get them at Thanks!

Music was super cool and chaotic which fit the frantic nature of the game well, was able to finish with all 8 pearls. Nice game!

I really like how instead of just killing enemies like usual in this type of game you still have to doge and avoid them, even after they’re floating up. Really creative, nice!

Thank you! I honestly think it could be fun to have some sort of goofy campaign like in what the golf



Thank you! I’m actually thinking some sort of goofy story campaign like what the golf could be interesting

If you participated you can vote freely, otherwise you have to vote for 5 itch chooses with low amounts of ratings before you can vote freely


really fun and I absolutely love the winding track in the background

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If there was a cash prize I would advertise it, but I don’t have PayPal or any way to give out one if I wanted to. It’s all for fun, experience, and to get valuable feedback on your games

This feels like the game jam equivalent of buying reviews. People have to rate most games cause itch requires those who didn’t submit to vote on 5 low rated games before they can vote freely, don’t manipulate the system like this.

FishFest community · Created a new topic Late submits

If you wanna do a late submission or accidentally submitted the wrong thing or something, email with a link to your game’s itch page. I won’t respond immediately as I’m currently in the hospital for potentially breaking my nose but I will probably have all of tomorrow off to add your games lol

Try to keep late submissions to at max a day or 2.

I’ve never encountered that, after someone gets 5 points one should win and if it goes over 5 rounds there shouldn’t be anything stopping it, I’ll look into it

No, I’m considering nsfw more like extreme gore or lewd content




fish there’s the bast rules but they’re mostly just like, no nsfw, that kind of stuff


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Generally AI art is noticeable but it’s more of an honour thing, like it wouldn’t be very nice to. I’d say it’s fine to use as inspiration for your drawings or whatever, and I can’t like track that or anything, but keep it out of the final product

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Yeah that’s cool

The legality and ethics around using AI generated content is questionable, this is more for like visuals like I don’t care that much if you use github copilot, but AI generated imagery is legally questionable and also tends to lower the spirits of artists putting huge amounts of effort into their projects. I can’t stop you from brainstorming or prototyping with it, but it shouldn’t be in the final game. I’m a solo dev too and I’m not great at art, but I always prefer making my own even where I’m inexperienced since a game jam is an opportunity to improve and get better at your art.

no, NSFW is more like excessive gore/nudity

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I’m using Godot and gdScript is very similar in a lot of ways to Python

I’ve never heard of ursina before but it seems interesting, haven’t tried many Python game engines

That’s fine

No ai, stock is fine

Yeah that counts as working on the game, you can think about it but don’t put anything down yet

Yes, all games get scored, otherwise there would be no way to decide the winner

There wasn’t but I thought a goofy thing would be to draw a crappy trophy so I added it, will update the faq later

I’ve been more lenient about it, but eels and rays are absolutely fish



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If I get a question frequently I’ll update this post.


  • Can I use X tool/make X type of game? Yes. The rules state you can use any tool you would like for your game, as in any SDK, framework, rendering engine, paper and pencil (tabletop and card), etc.

  • What can I do before the jam? You can come up with ideas and even test stuff out if you’d like, but you can not start working on your game or creating any final assets or code. You can reuse previous code that wasn’t specifically made for this but you have to specify in the submission form.

  • How much time do we get? 1 week. Read the jam rules please.

  • Does the main character have to be fish? No, but the game has to feature fish. Please read the jam rules.

  • How old do I have to be? Old enough to have an account.

  • Why lol

  • Is there a prize? The winner gets a crappy drawing of a trophy with your name on it that will be sent in the end of voting email.

  • Define fish. If the argument can be made that something is a fish, you’re probably good to use it (Ex. shellFISH, mermaid, etc). Also feel free to invent your own fish as long as they’re visibly fish.

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Anyone, in itch’s dashboard for a game you can add co-creators so make sure to add everyone who worked on a game so everyone can vote and gets credit

Edit 1: added the gets credit part Edit 2: added this edit text cause I forgor 💀

Yeah but if you prototype or draw art or smith make sure to wait till the jam before making a final draft

I didn’t know that but I will say it was intentional so it seems cooler 👍

Only fish.