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Thank you!

Thanks! Yup you were playing correctly, you had to crank in the direction of the arrow until it changed. I’m not sure what you mean about making the bubbles move instead of reacting since they already do in the background.

Thank you! In super happy with how it turned out

Definitely a good idea, will keep in mind. Thanks!

I may be slightly biased as another Playdate rocket game developer but this game is really cool! I like the interesting take on the classic flappy bird-type game. Nice entry!

Took me a second to figure out that there were buttons in the pause menu but once I did I got it completely. Very cool and simple game, nice job!

This is a neat idea! It’s pretty tricky to get the time exactly right but it’s really satisfying when you finally do. Nice entry!

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This was an.. interesting take on the theme haha, I know one scale I think you have a really high chance of winning in

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I love the visual style and the game is super simple and easy to pick up! Nice job

Neat idea, I wasn’t entirely sure what to do at first but I took a closer look and was able to figure it out. It’s cool that you were able to do this with the crank in pulp! I wasn’t sure of pulp’s cranking capabilities.

I’m assuming you’re using pulp? I don’t know much about it but you could ask in here:

the cost of the device isn’t just for the processor. It has a crank which makes a very unique input and the SHARP memory LCD (not e-ink) can refresh far quicker than most e-ink displays. The cost also covers the 24 games that come with it. It would be hard to make them much cheaper since the hardware is actually pretty solid and unlike other console companies, they can’t afford to sell them at a loss and make money back through game sales. It’s a fun device and it’s really fun to develop for so while it is not for everyone, me and many others love them so I made a game jam about them.

Yes you can make your game from scratch but it must be able to run on a Playdate console and abides by the rules on the jam page. You can get the Playdate SDK at

I can’t offer much as a prize but the “prizes” are detailed here:

Not hard at all, I’ll probably update it later. The source code is also there on the itch page if you can think of any other modifications you want to make but I will warn you it’s not my best code

Yeah that’d make sense, I think it was pretty late when I made the tool and I just wanted to have something I could copy the bytes from so I wasn’t thinking that far ahead

Oh the itch page, yeah they used orange there but I think it looks fine ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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dang you’re digging deep. Yeah I fully agree about the difficulty curve, I didn’t actually finish the last few levels until the day of the release so I didn’t have much time to test and reorganize them, plus, I am not good at judging the difficulty of something I’ve made. If I made it, it’s easy to me. The not worrying about backtracking was an intentional thing as you still do it at the cost of a life (if I ever get access to the PD leaderboard system there’s gonna be a board for least deaths) but I should probably add something to the main menu too so there’s a reason not to die. The saw ones are the same deal about not having time, and the hitbox is always at the middle of the player and smaller than it is in Rocket Bits so I thought it would probably be fine but I understand that it wasn’t made super clear

Andy please take my money… please…

the.. console’s screen is black and white… It can’t go orange

It’s good to have a performant game but not exactly required. As long as you’re not doing 3D or going super overboard with effects it should be fine. You can also ask people with actual hardware to playtest for you

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sorry to hear :(

luckily you can still make games for it without owning one :)

Yes, you can use any tool or framework as long as it’s not a super complicated process to run

Yes, you can use any tool or framework as long as it’s not a super complicated process to run

Yes, you can use any pre-made assets but it would be nice to credit them

Got any questions about the jam? Ask them here and I’ll try and reply.

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Well it’s gonna be formatted like


But they will probably be those types of themes you can interpret like the collab with ai one

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I had a really stupid idea so I thought I would turn it into a game jam!

The jam page description is: You will be given 2 incompatible, conflicting themes and your goal is to try and make a game that incorporates them both, while still making them work together.

is this a dumb idea? Absolutely! Will it be fun? I have no clue. Let’s find that out together…

I’d love to see how people can creatively work around this idea and create a game with 2 complete opposite or conflicting themes. If this sounds interesting please join!

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I’m gonna try to pick themes that are somewhat open to interpretation cause I find that more fun than a jam telling you exactly what to make. The closest to a whole game theme would be a genre but I’m even trying to avoid that if I can.

IMPOSSIJAM community · Created a new topic Ask questions

Have any questions about the jam? Feel free to ask them here and I will try to respond to most.

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Oh I think you’re looking at the wrong itch page. Rocket Bits is the pc/Mac/Linux game, Rocket Bytes is the Playdate one. There is only the playdate volume slider in this one right now

Thank you!! You can mute the audio in the pause menu and the settings menu which is basically just the music

Yeah I would have added a highscore to the title screen if I had enough jam time but I didn’t think of that until it was too late. Thank you for checking it out though!