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Same, I’ve been playing Katamari a lot lately so this idea came to me almost instantly

great minds think alike

yeah, all the rigidbodies can start to lag up any pc but thanks for playing!

Yes I am aware the plastic rings fall through the ground sometimes, I tried to fix it but it kept being annoying so I simply ignored it

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they all require steam anyway so it would make no difference

edit: spelling mistakes I suck at keyboarding

it’s not a polymars game unless the browser ver is extremely broken

all I’m really in need of is playing a few audio files as sound effects so I think taking something like the playsound module and adding it to my script will be enough. I didn’t even think of importing another audio library. Thanks!

Hey, just wondering if you are planning on adding audio capabilities any time soon? if not do you know if there’s any way I could add them to it? Thanks!

I’m sure you’ll have a great time!

this game is super fun and challenging, my one complaint would be that it doesn’t run on my Nvidia Shield Portable but that’s also a really discontinued device so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Can’t wait for the sequel-sequel, excellent work!

click the join button on the jam page, then when the jam starts there will be a theme on that page for you to make your game with. Once you’re done your game you can submit it on the jam page as well

Anything should be fine as long as you’re not changing parts of the models too much, adding animations or changing colours should be all good


I think they want to know how you make your 3D models

Alright, great! Can’t wait for the jam!

Just making sure I have this right before i break a rule, I can modify and combine assets but i have to use kenney assets as a base and can’t completely deform it beyond recognition, right?

Same only not

Wuh oh


you can put your scratch game id into this: htmlifier to get it as an html file that you can probably embed in an itch page

I said almost all of them. they are all found on for free

almost all of Kenney’s assets are completely free to use

i'm not liable if you break your computer by spawning too many n8s

actually if you have any ideas please do tell

expect more obstacles.. eventually

Cluster Gun community · Created a new topic Review (6/7)

Cluster Gun is a really fun and extremely polished game that reminds me a lot of Bad Piggies. I like the idea of guns being used to push the car around the levels. the ui design is really simple and elegant and the models and environments are very colourful and nice to look at. if there was one thing I would change it would probably be adding mouse support to make it easier to build clusters and navigate the menu. 6/7, great game

They're voted on in the discord server

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It's fun but is there a way to change the menu hotkey? i'm trying to use it while making a game in godot engine and it uses middle click a lot

If my game engine auto-generates shadows do they count as a colour?

Sokpop shoots out games faster than you could type that comment

this makes me happy... 10/10

just a suggestion, maybe make the heartbeat a little bit louder and the other noises a bit quieter.  I can barely hear the heartbeat but the other sounds almost hurt at the volume i can hear it

Thanks :) 

hey, i’m a developer (my last project for godot wild jam ) and i’d be happy to team up with you! I’m capable in most things but music/sound design is the one thing i just can’t figure out so i would be interested in teaming, really liked those tracks too so that makes it even better. If you wanna team with me my discord is PossiblyAxolotl#2180

yea it is a bit short but that's just because the way i was making levels was really time consuming. i do plan on adding a few more sometime. thanks for checking it out!

with the dropping through platforms i have it check for a specific flag underneath you and if it detects that and you press down to disable collision until you touch another surface with the ground flag

yeah i originally was using that tutorial for the controller but i messed around with a lot of other stuff. I wish i knew i could only fit 2 levels on there before i made it. I forgot to add the cartridge as a download so i’ll add it whenever i’m on my laptop. Thanks for checking it out :) 

thank you! also yeah the double jumping is a bit weird now that i think of it

≽(^ ᗜ ^)≼

I've experienced something similar, you probably just need to click on the window once you have the game running