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Thanks! If you select, Copy MML, you can just paste it into a text file and edit it. Maybe I will make an MML file export in the future. ;)


I'm a software developer looking to create an adventure game, Sierra style. Pixel or vector style is fine. I would like to create a Christmas adventure game but I don't know if anyone could keep up with me. I've been programming for about 20 years. I'm also an artist/animator but would like to work with someone who could work full time and keep up with me.

A short game would be nice to start and see how things go and then maybe a bigger project after that if all goes fine. I'm a fair minded person and would be willing to do a 50/50 split of the sales.

Must be experienced in character design, animation and scene layout.

Here's my website of some of my works,

Only serious inquiries please and post links to your work.


Thanks! I'm glad you like it. ;)

Thanks! SpriteMonkey can actually be used for any game development. You just have to create your own script in the script editor. Thanks for the feedback. ;)

The two Windows 10 computers I bought from HP just a couple of years ago came with a 32-bit OS. The Windows 7 install CD is 32-bit as well. Funny thing is, all the processors are 64-bit. Microsoft probably just should of made Windows 10 64-bit only if that's the move everyone wants to make. I personally don't see the benefit of 64-bit unless you really need a lot of memory. Gaming, 4K editing, 3D rendering, and so forth. Anyways, it looks like 32-bit will still be around for a while if Microsoft is going to sell/distribute a 32-bit OS.

Just did a fresh OS install on my pc and noticed I couldn't use the latest Tiled. Both my Windows 7 and 10 computers are 32-bit. Glad you at least offer an XP 32-bit version. Thanks!

Is the full version not available from ?

A Windows 64 bit version is now available! ;)

If you see somewhere in the documentation on calling on a dll, just let me know. As for the 64 bit version, I'll see about getting it compiled soon. No cost. ;)

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Your best bet would be to ask on the Visual Novel Maker forum and see if calling on dll files is even possible. If not, Macrotune would have to be completely rewritten in Javascript and I don't have time for that. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

1.) Hmm. Not sure why it is freezing but I will look into compiling a 64 bit version.

2.) I'm not sure what programming language or game making app you're using but are you able to call on the DLL I've provided? It's available for download too.

That would depend on what you are wanting. I'm currently working on something else right now but I may be able to find some time. What are you wanting?

I wish you had more time in a week. I'm a programmer and I like your style. If you would like to see my programming skills, check out

Yes I do.

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A continue from my last post, in case you haven't read it yet. There is a trick you can do for pixel art. For instance. I can create a character and animate it in Moho (Anime Studio) and export it at a smaller size. I then import it in an app like Piskel and further edit it to a certain palette. Sometimes even reduce the frames than what was exported from Moho. There's a download version of Piskel on the website, so you don't have to use the online version.

I always use power of 2 sprites. So if you have a character, it could be 32x64. A square object may be 16x16. Power of 2 always use figures of: 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, etc. This helps reduce memory usage of the game, instead of the graphics card padding your sprites to the next power of 2. Which is just a waste of memory.

There's a lot more I could explain or teach you depending on what you already know or not. I've been programming for 17-18 or so years now.

It wouldn't be too advanced. I will be using a resolution of 320x180 that will be scaled by code to fit most, if not all widescreen monitors. I like limited palettes that only use 3 to 5 colors per sprite object. I have a 64 color palette that's really just based off the EGA standards that I like using. I code everything. No game making software is used. One of my ideas is to make a game that's similar to T&C Surf and California Games from the NES era. Are you familiar with those games?

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Ok, thanks! I'm possibly looking for a pixel artist. ;)

I may be looking for some one. Thinking it through. How's your pixel art/animations? Any art or animations of characters?

Thanks for bringing Halloween Forever back! I missed not seeing any of the updates. Looking forward to it. :D

Love the graphic style! Will play it soon. ;)

Your welcome!

I'm not sure what you mean by note identifier tool? Thanks for sharing your MMLP! Very nice! You can always share your MML project on the forum too, using the copy and paste buttons in Macrotune.

It crashed the whole Mac for some reason. At least my whole screen went black and none of my keyboard keys functioned. So I had to use the power button. I know from my own programming experience that the code for OS X 10.7+ is different than 10.6 when creating fullscreen apps. Not many using 10.6, so I wouldn't worry much.

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Woohoo! I'm now like my father and his father. :D

That was fun!

Runs on OS X 10.6.8 just fine but the fullscreen, F1 button, will crash my Mac. The fullscreen code/support probably relies on OS X 10.7 or better. OS X Snow Leopard uses a different method. I didn't try the gamepad support. ;)

I may try that. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing more of your work. ;)

I understand what you are saying. I'm actually a capable 2D and 3D artist. Plus animation too. Just wanted someone to work with so I could focus on code and the music. I've been around a long time and have completed many projects. Anyways... Maybe I'll just do this myself. Thanks for the response. ;)

I was going to offer a percentage (40%) of sales. As long as the game keeps selling, you keep making money. Either way, if not interested, best of luck. ;)

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I really like your artwork. Do you have a website or anything that shows more of your work? I may be looking for someone to partner with on a game. Not sure if that would interest you or not? You can find some of my work here or on my website, .