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hey nifty! what'd you use to make it?

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there are SO many things in this story that i never see in other BDSM-focused writing. earnest and refreshing and enjoyable in a lot of ways, not to mention tactful with its heavy topics. big recommend

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i like this tool a lot! however, a lot of my writing drafting process includes a lot of nesting lists, and it's a bit tedious having to flick back and forth with the arrow keys in order to add another indent level to the list. right now, if you press "tab" after a bullet, it just adds an indent after the bullet.

if the tab was inserted BEFORE the bullet, it would be much easier to keep a writing flow going as i would rather continue typing continuously with one "tab" press than have to navigate back and forth in my lists.

that's incredible! i'll definitely keep up with the development of sugar. ive desperately needed that sort of thing for a while i think

how did you make this program in 1MB?? what is it coded in?