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i know where the brig is i just don't know how to remove party members, and i can't progress past the town it appears i need someone to climb a vine but I'm clueless on how to continue

i ment removing a party member once your party is full... also is there a walkthrough for this game i might need one

any idea how to remove a party member when this happens?

considering a piece of news i read i don't think it'd be a good idea to put this game on steam as it will be taken down

Lust Brave community · Created a new topic custom controls?

I just downloaded this game yet whenever the intro is over the character immediately runs to the top and left.  i tried looking for the controls or whats causing it however i dont have the necessary knowledge to properly look, is it possible to add a custom layout so we can create our own controls?

calling it now this one is a goner

look down \/ you should see this "Uni's taking all of my time as of now, so no new updates. But you can check the discord" from the creator

when your out of school or got the time you will add to this... right?

has this game been abandoned?

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will genex love 2 feature cheats incase a save file doesnt load correctly? also it'd be nice to have an optional sandbox areas like in a house, or the school kinda similar but a updated verson of how the prison functions

if your asking how to use the kitchen and inferm, you assign a girl from the prison. if your asking about the training area it increases your max cap aka ==> health = 160/160 max to 300/300 max

checking in and see $20 how low we going?

since thats what your doing ill wait since 50 is out of my range

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just found out that your "bug" is the ability to walk around the starting menu. aka when you load the game don't start and just walk around after "accidentally" shooting some magic. Also can the magic be tied to the camera or curser instead of the direction the mc is facing? it'd be 100x easier to aim.

... interesting word choice is all i can properly think of

If the dev is still reading these, the 0.19.3 version (current) under the heart cards, i think you got Chloe and Gwen mixed up slightly cause it is saying Gwen is damaged when Chloe was the one who got shattered