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This was a difficult one, but for the most part I thought it was fair! My only complaint is the wall jumping didn't feel intuitive. Maybe if the wall jumping was triggered more explicitly, like you have to be pressing a direction into the wall to be in the "can wall jump" state. 

Concept was really cool. Definitely would like to see this explored further! Great job!

Jumping and sliding felt nice. Liked the music as well!

This was very unique. I liked the challenge of dodging while trying to keep your paddle where the ball was. The powerups were really cool (I did a lot of damage once I got the fire).

Oh and the graphics were great. Maybe the best I've seen submitted. So much detail for just 64x64!

This was really good. Control scheme was a little unusual but I got used to it after awhile. Chaining dashes with jumping and attacking felt really good to do. I liked the blood effect a lot. How was that done?

Very fun dungeon crawler. I really like the art!

This was fun. The punches and kick had a nice snap to them.


Very interesting concept! As others have said, having your dodge also be your attack is easy to understand but hard to really master. That being said I definitely felt myself getting into a groove a couple games in and it felt really satisfying to move between tight groups of enemies.

Great job! Very addictive. My high score was 53. I'm going to try to top that after I play some more of these jam games :).

Hello there,

This was really fun to play. The jumping felt really good and the wall hang had just the right amount of "stickiness." Only weird thing was jumping in between platforms spaced 1 tile apart but this is just a very minor issue. Difficulty felt fair for the duration I played. Really like the character animation as well. You were able articulate movement  and the different states of the character well in the small tile size.

Well done! Thanks for uploading!

Will do! I plan on playing a ton of these games once I get off work, yours included :)


First of all thanks for the feedback! 

Good ideas on the game over menu. A mini-map that show the point you died at would be nice feedback for the player. I'll definitely be looking for ways to make my future jam games more compulsive. That's something I never really considered before but it makes sense for player retention and whatnot.

I definitely had a feeling the camera was too tight around the player. I originally had the ninja look more cartoony and had the sprite size as 8x8. I changed it to 16x16 because I was having trouble articulating movement with that small of a tile size (I'm not an artist by any means :) ). Something in the middle would have been better in retrospect.

Glad the experience was overall positive and thanks again for taking the time to play and provide feedback. I really appreciate it!

This was solid. The skiing physics felt really good and I kept wanting to try again to get further which is always a good sign.

Very polished looking and feeling. Nice challenging levels.