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ah ok 

and will ther be a memory room (where you can see the bad ends you discoverd ?

are ther bad ends in this game ?

she keeps becoming angry /inpasiant

what site ?

how do i beat the cobold qween

well im no programer and sadly cant help $$$ 

but if ther is somting els i can help whit let me know 

how far can you go whit your sister ?

ah ok 

im loking forward to the game 

but maby put a worning up so peaple know

i cant save the game

cant leave chop ?

how do i get new girls ?

si ther a way to dalay urgent recwest 3 ??

i dont want to do it yet

no prob i chould have posted it in the discord

could i make a sugestion 

make a traning zone (back jeard ex.)

that way if players think they are underleveld they can level up

you could make them ficht imadinery enemies (healt resets after ficht+no drops )and ist based on the enemys you alredy incounterd

i know that but i have been avoiding any other fights douse that make me onderleveld ?

are we sepost to avoid all enemies ex bosses or doese that make it harder ?

ok thanks

why dont you recomend them ?

and wher do i get clotes ?

how do i reafill mental healt ?(blu line)

i dont see it 

is it richt at the entrans ?

how do i acses
Rinny hypnotism event?

no prob that why you have it 

no prob 

i got help fromm your discord 

my saves dont work anymore ?


never mind i dindnt use zipper

the download is broken for me 

when i try to unzip it it keeps giving me an eror mesage

i dont understand the mind controle mecanics 

could sombody exsplane ?


ok thanks

is this game still alive or did the craetor give up on it ?


will the game stay free or is this just the free demo ?

the tributes stopt working

how douse the management system work

4 me its the h buton hope it helps

i did the basic alcemy and magik class now what

i cant enter a new course


Maledictis community · Created a new topic help

i cant win aganst the 1 boss in the catacombs (cultists any thips / help

hi im playing the online version but im stuck 

spoilers :

when returning from the first Qwest im told to look what hapend to the inn but noting happens the in is gone but there is no further interaction