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Thank you for the feedback! Having the accessibility to play with one hand isn't something that had occurred to us but in hindsight, this would be invaluable. In the future, we'll try and implement multiple key options.

Thank you so much Spork! There isn't a double attack in the game. I believe its because we haven't implemented enough indicators, and the attack animation isn't immediate or obvious, so people tend to hit twice to kill

Never thought I'd see myself having fun playing math but I adored this game. It was fast paced, required some quick mental math with simple to understand mechanics so that anyone can play. Very accessible. Can easily see this game becoming so much far. The music and sfx were also pretty good

One of the strongest games in the jam so far. I can easily see this becoming a full-fledged game. The mechanics were unique and introduced without having to tutorialised making it super accessible. Really dug the peaceful music choice and sfx. In fact probably the best combination of music and sfx in the jam I've seen so far. Also the perfect amount of levels for a jam. You should be proud MrBundles

This game deserves to win the accessibility award for the jam. Beautifully thought out options menu given the short amount of time. A really fun way of incorporating the wild cards as well. Enjoyed the mini shops and death mechanic, where you slowly morph into the devil you're making a deal with. I unfortunately suck at these types of games so couldn't get to the end but I can very easily see this becoming a full game!

My favourite game from the jam! Really unique concept with a strong sense of style

Fun little jumping game. The jumpy felt ever so slightly floaty but other than that loved the genre of music chosen and the overall art. 

Fun little jumping game. The jumpy felt ever so slightly floaty but other than that loved the genre of music chosen and the overall art. 

We didn't get much time to add proper accessibility features but rebinding keys would definitely be at the top of the list. We'll keep in mind the sfx levels for future game jams. Thank you for your feedback <3

Really unique concept! Felt like an inbetween of pacman (eating ghosts) and a topdown shooter. Using echo waves as the bat was super clever. Would be cool to see perhaps some sort of difficulty curve or stats at end of screen in the future!

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I really like the idea of clearing the screen of any mobs so you have some breathing room to recover. Thank you for the wonderful feedback! ^^ We really enjoyed your puzzle snek game btw. Surprised at how many levels you were able to incorporate

Awesome game. I'm not sure if I'm bad at the game or if there's an unbalanced difficulty curve towards the later rounds. Would've loved some sounds/music but overall an amazing idea for sure. Super unique!

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Hi everyone! Have played some amazing games from the jam so far. Looking forward to rating more today. If you have a game you'd like to be rated please leave them in this thread for us to check out. If you're interested here's our submission. We were only able to work on the game for about a day or two but are still happy with the result.

Incredible gamejam game. Tight controls with some clever level design. It was the right amount of difficulty. Enjoyed the boss at the end too. Overall probably my favourite game in the jam so far. Felt really polished! Only feedback would be to perhaps have more variety of sfx. 

Really interesting game. The controls felt fun to use. I liked the way you could collapse routes you've built. Leads to some fun strategy elements. The art is also minimal but charming. Would've loved to have seen some more music/sfx. 

Absolutely in love with the ascii graphics! Really nice music too. Excellent jam game ^^

thank you ^^

Thank you <3 I agree about the controls feeling clunky. I think we could've done a better job with tightening them and having more indicators

Thank you so much for your feedback <3 You awesome individual you

Thank you! Really appreciate the constructive feedback <3

Appreciate the positivefeedback <3 

Thank you ^^ 

Thank you! ^^

I like the varied bg detail and enemies. Lost a little bit of enjoyment because of the way the platforming was handled further into the level. 

Really enjoyed this! Would love to see more updates ^^