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This game proves that you don't need a bunch of jump scares to have a scary game. The creepiness and eeriness all came from the fear of the unknown! The small open world aspect of it added a nice touch too! All in all i though it was 馃敟馃敟馃敟!

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This one puts you on the edge of your seat. I'm talk seriously temse and a horrific jumpscare that will make you lose your side burns! DEFINITELY wanted more so I'll be on the lookout for part 2! 馃憤馃憤

You never know what to expect from these indie spongebob games and this one was just as good as the other ones I've played! Good work 馃憤

I don't know if this story is true or exaggerated, but all I know is this is a crazy situation to be in. Game was fun and uncertain. Only thing missing was a little hint on how to open the text messages. Overall good work! 馃憤 

This game is a down right masterpiece! It's simple, fun, challenging and has a story! What more can you ask for out a small indie game. This was absolutely just dope! 馃憤 [S.N. My shirt was not intentional!]

This demo came out of left field and the idea behind it is promising! The tension in this game is really thick and atmosphere keeps it engaging. This is definitely on the wish list cause I already know the full release is going to be fire 馃敟! 2 馃憤's up!

I can definitely see the potential in this demo! It was just enough to make you want to check out the full game. On another note the jumpscares in this one hit you full force! This was a good one, nice work! 馃憤 

If Jordi has his name on it, its guaranteed that its going to be 馃敟! This one kept me really invested and really questioning who the killer  could be! Anything Jordan drops I'm playing hands down! Awesome game! 馃憣 

I wish there was more to this, the lore in this game is really intriguing!  I'll have to give you a follow for future work cause this was pretty solid, definitely an experience.  This one gets 馃憤馃憤! 

I don't think I need to explain how horrifying this game is! N4BA is really setting a standard for realistic horror games! You would think having a handgun would ease the fear, nope maybe a RPG! Incredible job! 馃馃

This demo was incredible from the graphics to the atmosphere! I didn't think Nyctohylophobia could be felt in a video game but it was nailed with this one! I don't care how long this game takes to make ill definitely being on the look out when it does! Seriously good work. 馃挭

I'm telling you there's something therapeutic about this simplistic gem! Downloaded it on a whim and found out this game is a complete W! I don't think i need to say more the awards speak for themselves! 馃憤

Didnt know what to expect but this game blew me away honestly! Who would of thought Super Mario as a FPS shooter was such a great idea! This was very well made and i really wish there was more of it! Salute to a job well done! 馃憤

Definitely didn't know what i was getting myself into downloading this one! Very well made and everything in this game is wildly unexpected. Out of all the Spongebob parody games Ive seen/played this one is up there! Good work! 馃憤

I wish I would have known about this gane sooner, this is masterpiece! I don't know if your still creating games but we need more of whatever! Even though this game isn't meant to be serious it's fun! Great work! 馃憤 

The third times the charm with this one, Rayll does it again! The vibes in this one are even more eerie than the first two! If you haven't sunk your teeth into this series your definitely missing out on a great taste of an indie horror game! Another awesome job! 馃憤

As simple and infuriating as this game is, its definitely a must play! I like to consider myself a top tier gamer but honestly i was totally out matched! Im currently buying new peripherals so you know but all n all awesome piece of work! 馃憤 P.S. if you add more levels count me in!

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As jank and ridiculous as this game is, it still scared me a couple of times! Its so bad its good and I still cant figure out how thats possible. 馃ぃ馃憤

First time playing Baby in Yellow and it was a great  time! Glad to see your game is still doing numbers for the span it's been out! Looking forward to future to see what happens with the black cat! Awesome game 馃憤

A little late to the party but better late then never. When I tell you this game almost scared my glasses is off is no exaggeration! If you haven't seen gamplay or need something to play this spooky season give it a shot! This a good game here! 馃

This game has haunted house like vibes, you know your going to get scared but not how or when. Story keeps you invested and the atmosphere keeps your eyes on the screen. Flat out Jordan has a recipe that's really worth trying! Awesome game! 馃槈

When you make demo's like this you have no choice but to want more for the full game! This one kept things really unpredictable and you are forced to stay on your toes. Also the story is really intriguing and with the way it ended i need to know what happened! Awesome work! 馃憤

When it comes to indie horror 616 really doesn't miss! This one here is just more proof of solidarity in their work! I really enjoyed playing this one being a big fan of the saw series. The only thing I didn't understand was the bullseye trap?! Other than that fantastic work once again! 

For a pretty simple short indie horror i thought it was pretty solid. If there was a checklist for what a horror game needs i think this would meet the requirement. Also anytime you add a stamina bar and a chase portion Im already freaked out! Nice work! 馃憣

For $2 this game was an absolute roller coaster! Had no idea which direction it was going to go. I really hope this game does well, I'm glad i played it. Great puzzle and even better story. Extremely solid work! 馃憣 

The nostalgia is what really did it for me with this one. It made me remember how much of a classic Mario 64 was. If Peach would have transformed and got more sinister the more you progressed, it would have been insane! Awesome job taking a fantastic game and flipping it into a solid piece of work! 馃憤

What a story! You wouldn't think with each installment it would keep getting better! 616 thank you for all the glorious content you've provided for my channel! You guys are the greatest! 馃憦馃

This is indie horror at its finest! Could it have been longer sure, but I'm glad it wasn't. The atmosphere, the sound, everything was done perfectly! Fantastic work keep making these! 馃憤

Finally made it to the party and just when I thought things couldn't get any s#!+tier, 616 takes it over the top! This series has been dope as hell, you guys killed it! 馃憦馃

I tell ya, it's getting harder & harder to keep up with all the games that are consistently dropping! I gotta say it was pretty cool to see Jason before he flourished as a movie star. Solid game as usual! 馃馃馃憤

The simple realism is horrific in this one! The cellphone dynamic is pretty creative in my book! Awesome work! Game was featured in a random horror line up!馃憤

Whats a birthday party without cake?! Guess what there was no cake! Good short horror with a twist. Game was featured in a random horror line up!馃憤

I think my social skills are out of wack, i dont think im talking to any more strangers any time soon. Simple compact game that teaches you a life lesson or 2! Game was featured in a random horror line up!馃憤

I guess good ol' Potty Mouth is back for a sequel huh?! Absolutely more hilarious and more ridiculous than the first. Oh and alot more poop. Then I see there's a part 3 I can't keep up! 馃槻 Amazing work as always and I don't think keep up the good work speaks high enough for you guys! 馃憤

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616 literary brought the poop right from the toilet right to your monitor! The devs always seem to amaze me with their concepts. If you have a fear of horror games, after playing this goofy and disgusting piece of work you'll definitely consider your self flushed! Another good one as always! 馃馃馃憤

The challenge to find the most terrifying 616 game is in full swing! This one here is another thrilling ride that had me pretty creeped out! But this one wasn't enough to fizzle my eyebrows off! The challenge must continue and I WILL FIND YOUR SCARIEST GAME, THATS A PROMISE! Again great as always! 馃憤

The first 616 Game that I've played and definitely will not be the last. Since playing "The Elevator" I'm  issuing a challenge to see if any of your games can scare my socks off! Great work on this one, and hopefully after a few games I get to keep my socks! 馃憤

This game is absolutely hilarious! I enjoyed the wonky mechanics and overall game cause its just a good time! A fun game to not take serious and for being made in a week it gets a 馃憤. Nice work!

Cmon now a killer chasing me with scissors, you guys need to cut it out! Overall the game had me screaming like a little girl. Great work! 馃憤